Himani Kapadia On Mobile Marketing And Challenges In The Digital Industry [Video]

Video interview with Himani Kapadia, Managing Director at Digitas LBi India on mobile marketing, challenges in the digital industry and client perspective on digital

“With Mobile, the next big thing will be mobile commerce. We are seeing the eCommerce market growing in the country and industry sources says that 20-40% sales are happening through mobile. So I think mobile is here to stay, definitely to grow and every marketer has to think mobile first,” shared Himani Kapadia in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

While sharing her thoughts Himani, the Managing Director at DigitasLBi informed that in the coming future the agency is going to launch exciting surprises in the mobile commerce space.

Earlier in the first part of the video conversation, Himani, a hardcore Mumbai girl spoke about her early days, the reason why she wanted to leave her CA job and join the madness of the agency world. She also talked about how her professional career grew from 2007 after being a part of LBi (pre-acquisition) and how digital has evolved during this time.

In this second part of the video conversation, Himani talked extensively on content marketing, the ways in which Digitas LBi India is addressing it and social media influencer marketing. She also talked about the #DoTheRex digital campaign which she considers as one of the best pieces of digital work from the agency in the first half of 2014.

In the final part of the video conversation she talks about mobile marketing, the challenges faced by a digital agency today and how the client perspective has changed over the time.