Himani Kapadia - From Being A CA To Managing Director At DigitasLBi, India [Video]

In this video interview Himani Kapadia, MD at DigitasLBi, India talks about her early days, shift from chartered accountancy to a digital agency and how digital offerings have changed with time

“From ‘I want a website’, it moved on to ‘I want a Facebook page’ and today it is all about ‘I want something on mobile’. I think the space has been evolving, as a result the demands from clients have been evolving too and obviously recommendations are not just based on their wants. It is more on what a particular offering is going to do for our clients whether it be a website or social presence,” shared Himani Kapadia in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Himani, Managing Director at DigitasLBi, India joined the firm back in 2007 when it was LBi dealing in technology outsourcing business. Later in 2010 Himani moved from UK to lead LBi as a MD. The task was to build LBi as a digital agency and that wasn’t easy since it was a new player in the market. “It was a challenge to get clients, people to work with you because we were a relatively unknown brand. We were still looked upon as a technology outsourcing shop, but luckily we worked very closely as a network, we did great work for our clients and which made our client portfolio grow fast.”

In this first part of the video conversation, Himani, a hardcore Mumbai girl speaks about her early days, the reason why she wanted to leave her CA job and join the madness of the agency world. “After I finished with my CA, I have been in manufacturing, retail forex, then even in Bollywood copyrights. Meanwhile I kept meeting people who were working in agencies and it seemed like they had a far more exciting life than I did.”

Further, she talks about how her professional career grew from 2007 after being a part of LBi (pre-acquisition) and how digital has evolved during this time. “The offerings earlier used to be of let’s think of one big campaign idea and now it is more about a solutions led approach where you are actually finding solutions to the clients problems and then deciding how best to approach it.”