Hike Messenger Rolls Out New TVC, Says ‘No More Whatscrap’

Hike has launched new TVC taglined ‘Hike up your life’, where the messaging app tries to convince the youth to ‘Switch to Hike, no more Whatscrap’


In the highly competitive world of messaging apps, every user is precious. While Whatsapp the leading messaging app at least in India, has been growing its user base in leaps and bounds, there is a constant fight to topple it by the other players. This time around Hike Messenger, India’s very own messaging app from Bharti Soft Bank, a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and Japanese operator SoftBank has launched a rather cheeky television commercial, that takes the global leader head on.

In the TVC taglined ‘Hike up your life’, the messaging app tries to convince the youth to ‘Switch to Hike, no more Whatscrap’!

Conceptualized by creative agency, Taproot India, the 30 second ad film starts with a teenager being teased by his gang of friends. While some want to take his blessings, others do a ‘namaste’ to him, when he comes in shouting, ‘What’s up, guys?’This continues for a while, till one day when he makes the dynamic switch to Hike. The gang embraces him at once and he becomes a part of the happening crowd.

Speaking about the campaign, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Head of Product and Strategy at Hike Messenger, said that the app has been built to bridge the existing gaps in the instant messaging space and is now ready to grow.

We are now ready to amplify our reach to more users through our full-fledged brand and marketing campaign. ‘Hike Up Your Life’ is a call to the youth of India, to experience a messaging app that is made with their needs in mind,” he stated.

Hike had recently announced that it has crossed 20 million registered users, though the number of active users is yet not revealed. The latest numbers revealed by Hike also mean that the messaging app has added 5 million during the last three months. The app had last revealed that it has crossed the 15 million user milestone, tripling its user base within just 9 months.

Ever since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, Hike has been pushing itself to be the ‘youth messaging app’ with features that will appeal to the Indian youth. On Hike, you can choose who gets to see your Status Updates and Last Seen. Another unique India centric feature is ‘Hike Offline’, that allows one to stay connected with friends even when they’re offline.

Hopefully, these features and the latest TVC might motivate the youth to adopt the messaging app and provide competition to WhatsApp which has more than 50 million active users from India.