Hike Has 20M Registered Users, Offers 100 MB File Transfer & Hidden Mode. No Update On Active Users Though

Hike, the Indian messaging app has announced that it has 20 million registered users. Besides the app has introduced a feature called 'Hidden Mode'.

Hike messaging app 20M users

Hike, the Indian messaging app has announced that it has 20 million registered users. Besides this the messaging app backed by Bharti Soft Bank, a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and Japanese operator SoftBank, also Hike’s parent company, has introduced a feature called ‘Hidden Mode’.

The latest numbers revealed by Hike also mean that the messaging app has added 5 million during the last three months. The app had last revealed that it has crossed the 15 million user milestone, tripling its user base within just 9 months.

This was right after Facebook had bought WhatsApp and Hike had re-branded to “Youth Messaging App.” The company stated that since over 80% of its users are under 25 years of age, it is safe to assume that it is becoming a popular app among youth.

Launched globally in 2012, the company is focusing solely on youth. The new feature ‘Hidden Mode’ will help users keep their private chats hidden from others. Besides the app has also introduced ‘Big File Transfer’ feature that allows users to transfer any file format (from Docs, PPTs, PDFs to MP3s) up to 100 MB each. The said feature could be a boon to its users since it surpasses the attachment limit of all IM applications. But this also means higher data consumption and that could be a challenge in a country where the data rates are exorbitant.

Hike messenger Head (Product and Strategy) Kavin Bharti Mittal informed that they are aiming for the 100M active mobile internet users that are in India. The app is available across all the popular mobile platforms.

Why no active numbers, Hike?

20 million registered users is a great achievement for an Indian messaging app but why is Hike still holding to registered users. When the likes of WhatsApp, WeChat are sharing active monthly users, there isn’t a strong reason why Hike should be sticking to registered users. Like messaging app Line, Hike has never released its active monthly users which is a better metrics to measure the popularity of the app. Hopefully in the near future we get to know about Hike’s active user base.

With mobile penetration at its peak and users ending up being more active on it, voice could be the next feature that Hike might aim for.