Henri Holm Presents Story Of Angry Birds At #YMF

An article on the talk that Henri Holm delivered about Angry Birds at MTV Youth Marketing Forum 2012

Henri Holm needs no introduction at least when he is wearing an Angry Birds hoody. Henri, Senior Vice President Rovio Asia at Rovio Entertainment Ltd. was at the MTV Youth Marketing 2012 festival to share the growth of Angry Birds but besides that he also shared how the game has evolved from just a small mobile game. Angry Birds, first released for Apple iOS in December 2009 is a design from Rovio.

henri holm
Image Courtesy: tempo.co

In his presentation, Henri spoke about how the game is no more a game now. It has been envisioned as a feature film, been part of the Super Bowl, also in March 2012, Formula 1 driver Heikki Kovalainen unveiled an Angry Birds crash helmet that he will use in the 2012 season, etc. The game has been branded in every possible way to reach out to more fans. ((For a detailed list click here)) Henri also provided some numbers that would be inspiring to any game developer in this world:

1. 26M daily active users.

2. 200,000,000+ monthly active users.

3. 51% of Males and 49% of Females are addicted to the game and this shows the reason why it is so popular. The game has more or less equal support from both the sexes.

3. Age distribution for the game: 13-17 age group is 24%, 18-24 age group is 16%, 25-34 age group is 28% and 35-54 is 31% support.

Along with this, Henry shared some more numbers or fan following in the social media world:

1. Twitter : 427,000+ followers.

2. Facebook: 19,100,000+ fans.

3. Youtube: 452,000,000+ views.

Moving on, Henry explained about these numbers being a real boost for them and how this could have been possible because of the underline three things that they believe in while creating every version of Angry Birds.

1. Simplicity.

2. Details.

3. Quality.

Apart from these three broad principles, the Angry Birds team is always open to feedback from fans about the games. Henri added that they have incorporated certain levels in the game upon receiving feedback from fans. One such example was the story of a 5 year old boy, Ethan who had written a letter with a small design of Angry Birds. The team at Angry Birds thanked Ethan by making his design as one of the levels and also putting his name in that.

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]So Angry Birds is not only developed by passionate game developers that we have but is also inspired by it’s fans from social media.[/pullquote]

Incorporation of technology and being readily available in all devices and formats have been a must for us, explained Henri. Today Angry Birds is available across all platforms from smartphone’s to tablets and browsers to consoles, etc.

With all this, Angry Birds has also shown support to the community. Henri shared the story of how Angry Birds were recruited in South Korea by the Police to stop school violence which is quite rampant. Another example that he cited was Rovio and MTV partner to help stop digital abuse.

Finally Henry left us with the upcoming video of Angry Birds in Space. His closing notes summed up that there is no end to imagination and he stressed upon the fact that they build games for the community. I think that is a very big message for any game or app developers.

[youtube Zc-XlVLHJDo 500 300]

Angry Birds is a brilliant example of a simple game turning into a brand of it’s own. This should be the way forward and inspiring to people who are in the same field or are out there to reduce customer pain points or entertain them.