Hennessy Artistry India Runs Talent Quest On Facebook

A review of the Hennessy Artistry India Facebook contest 'Chase the Music. Own the Stage'

Facebook is getting increasingly replaced by websites. More and more brands are moving out from their static URLs and jumping on to Facebook where they can interact with their community. hennessy artistry india facebook adRecently, I came across a Facebook ad, that invited you to submit a video of your musical performance and the winner would get a chance to perform at the Blues Passion Festival in Cognac, France. Now this sounded interesting with the global opportunity it provided. I had to click on it!

The Facebook ad by Hennessy Artistry India led me directly to the app ‘Chase the Music. Own the Stage’ with five tabs on it – Home, Talent quest, Your entry, Festival information and Rules & Regulations. The ‘Home’ tab displays a set of videos that gives you a glimpse of different bands and what inspires them to go for music. ‘Home’ tab also has a tab in it that leads to “Your Entry ” tab directly. The ‘Talent Quest’ tab gives you all the information about the talent quest and how it will be judged. ‘Your Entry’, one of the important tabs for you if you are dreaming to take your music from online to onstage at Cognac Passion Blues 2012. However, before you fill in the entry details make sure you throughly read the ‘Rules & Regulations’ because it includes set of guidelines and also you can know all about the festival. So now that you are clear with the entire process, go ahead and submit your entry to be judged by a panel of industry experts. The panel will then choose a set of 10 best compositions and open it for public voting. The winner out of these 10 gets a chance to perform at the the Blues Passion Festival in Cognac, France courtesy Moet Hennessy UK Limited.

So for all the talented musicians especially from India who get a chance to compete for this contest along with US, UK, Trinidad & Tobago, Latvia, Barbados, this is an excellent opportunity to go global and perform at this prestigious festival. The last date for entries is May 5, 2012.

hennessy artistry india facebook contest

Coming to the reviewing of the app part, I am quite pleased with it. The Facebook app has everything a participant requires to know. In fact, it is a mini-website in itself! Besides this the thing that struck me was the manner in which the entries were accepted. You do not have to submit the video but just provide the link to it. Quite a smart move indeed! Including all the features of this app, I would certainly give it 10 on 10 for the following:

A Right call for action: When I had clicked on the ad, it took me directly to the app and not to the wall or some other irrelevant place. An ad should ideally lead you to where you would be interested in taking a further call, after reading the ad copy. Although, this is a given, you will be surprised to know that many Facebook ads take you to the wall or are altogether misleading with no match in the ad copy and the ad destination.

Application design and Execution: Everything you need to know is in the app itself, apart from smooth navigation and an appealing design layout. Also, the app is in keeping with Facebook guidelines,  the video does not play by itself, unless the user clicks play. Above all the the app is simple to understand and is not meant to confuse the user. However, it would have been great if the app had incorporated one or two Facebook virality options such as share button or inviting friends to the contest.

Not a ‘Like’ campaign: By ‘like’ campaign, I am referring to those campaigns that are designed to garner ‘likes’ and increase the fan count. Such campaigns don’t create value for the brand if it wishes to build a meaningful community.

Holding a contest for your fans on Facebook rather than on your website makes more sense in the times when people spend more time on your social networks than on your sites. Also, we have come across many Facebook apps that do not provide you complete information within the app itself, if bad UI design is not enough already. Hence, Facebook contests using apps have to be careful about this, or else they risk losing the fan especially with the new timeline design for brands.

Indeed, the Hennessy Artistry India Facebook app has been designed well and is well-aligned with its objective – to give a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to a deserving talent. Saying that I had wished the brand drove more conversations relating to the competition and festival. There are few updates but they are half hearted ones. The brand could have spoken about last year’s contest, given some tips to new comers and some gyan to Indian musicians, etc. on this competition. I think there is a lot of room where the Facebook page can soar up the engagment levels. The brand could borrow some tips from the M.A.D festival Facebook page . In all this high spirited social indulgence, it’s great to see a brand like Hennessy, the leading brand in value of the premium spirit market, building a community that touches people’s hearts. Certainly, a wonderful learning tip to others who are blatantly hitting fans with their blunt product messages.

What do you think about the Hennessey Artistry India Facebook campaign? Is there something they need to improve upon. Do let us know in the comments.

Image Courtesy: Hennessy Artistry Facebook page.