Heineken Is Hunting For An Indian Social Reporter To Cover The UEFA Champions Finals 2013

After it's The Candidate Campaign is hunting for an Ind+ian Social Reporter To Cover the UEFA Champions Finals 2013


Do you love football more than cricket? Did you recently break the beer glass when your team lost in one of the league games in UEFA? And do you sit late nights over the weekend to watch the devils kick the ball harder so that it hits the nets? Then my dear friend, Heineken is all set to give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And guess what could it be?

The world’s largest premium beer is all set to give you an opportunity to watch the UEFA Champions League Finals 2013 in the magnificent Wembley stadium in London, while sipping a chilled beer and updating the experience with your friends on social media. I am not joking! Heineken India is looking for a social reporter who loves beer, loves the game and at the same time can cover the entire weekend experience for the Heineken social media channels in India.

Heineken has previously created the same excitement during its global campaign – The Candidate. The attempt was to recruit an intern for its Event & Sponsorship Marketing team. To do so they twisted the regular interview process and created situations that required presence of mind, creativity and the will to perform under pressure. Guy Luchting secured the job finally but not before some intense situations which are clipped in the below video:


How to apply for the social reporter?

If this sounds exciting to you, then click here to log into the app. The Facebook app on the Heineken page has been divided into three sections – 1) Become a social reporter 2) How It Works and 3) Vote For Candidates. The first section informs about the contest and you have the “Apply Now” button to nominate yourself for the job. After the Facebook authentication, there is a bit of work for you. You will have to fill some personal details, upload images that tell more about yourself, answer some interesting questions and submit it. Once your profile is completed, make sure that you invite your friends to vote for you as it will increase your chances of winning.


The second section tells you the details and the process of the contest. Make sure you go through the T&C doc too. Finally the last section in the app allows you to vote for the candidates who are nominated for the contest. If you don’t want to fly to London to watch the game, then you can vote for a deserving candidate after checking the profile and its responses.

Social recruiting by brands

Brands scouting passionate people - who are socially active - has been another trend that has been picking up from 2012. Last year we saw the Marussia F1 team had joined hands with Monster India and was looking for a “Social Media Speedster” for the Indian Grand Prix.  It was a smart way to spread awareness via a fan about a new team in a new country.  Additionally, it was impressive to see the candidates being grilled with several rounds of interviews before announcing the winner.

Heineken is also set to do the same thing but has not made it clear on how the winner is going to be selected. Besides, the contest has not specified the last date for uploading profiles which is bit strange.

Nevertheless, it is an exciting contest for passionate lovers of the game and a move like this will definitely double the love for buds in India.

P.S. The article has been updated to reflect the change that the brand has not decided the last date for the contest.