Hefty & Havas Take A Sarcastic Route To Highlight Lack Of School Funding In #SaidNoSchoolEver

Trash bag maker, Hefty's #SaidNoSchoolEver campaign highlights the lack of funding in American schools by having teachers claim the opposite in videos and funny memes

Brands are coming up with interesting campaigns as American parents are in the back-to-school shopping mode. Trash bag maker, Hefty found a cool way to gather people support towards school funding – it has launched a tongue-in-cheek digital campaign laced with sarcasm at its wittiest best. Titled #SaidNoSchoolEver, it highlights the lack of funding in schools by having teachers proclaim the opposite.

It also helps highlight that Hefty is the only trash bag company that supports the Box Tops For Education (BTFE) loyalty program. Hefty has donated nearly $3.5 million to the program. BTFE is one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs; by simply clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products, families can earn cash for their school to purchase books, field trips, playground equipment, classroom parties, etc.

Executed by Havas Worldwide Chicago, #SaidNoSchoolEver includes two 30-second online videos where a bunch of teachers talk about being upto their ears with sports equipment, having too many books, not needing any more art supplies, computers being too fast and more.



In addition to the videos, the campaign also includes a bunch of witty memes on #SaidNoSchoolEver. Hefty’s Twitter handle has been sharing these memes to drive home the point:

Not just teachers, kids too make a strong appeal for supporting BTFE with this hilarious spot:

Timely. Witty. Shareable.

Marketing Land presumes the campaign is aimed at boosting overall brand favorability, and also to get parents to buy Hefty food storage bags. The Creative Ham says the campaign offers a hilarious/sad look into America’s Education System. For Ad Week, the campaign tackles a bigger issue that’s more powerful than smelly garbage or nondurable bags.

Hefty and Havas have taken on a grave issue in the education system and tweaked it to reach out to more people on the social web. The hilarious videos are catchy, memorable and shareworthy. Together with the sarcastic humour laden memes - which are a favourite amongst social savvy folks - #saidnoschoolever has the elements to build buzz and draw attention to school funding and Hefty’s role in BTFE.