HealthKart Women’s Week Facebook Contest

A review of the Women's Week Facebook Contest run on the website


Yesterday, I came across an ad on Facebook talking about a contest celebrating women’s week. I clicked the link to find that the contest was happening on their website as opposed to the usual contests that use Facebook apps. This sure needed to be explored.

The contest is being run by HealthKart, an online portal for all your healthcare needs and the idea of the contest is cool. Every day from 2nd March to 8th Marth, an iconic image representing women power will be displayed on the site. To participate in this contest, you have to give a caption to the image or say something really cool about celebrating womanhood through your Facebook account. Then get your friends on Facebook to vote for your comment on your wall or on the contest page itself. At the end of every day, the post with the maximum ‘likes’ wins gift hampers sponsored by Aaranyaa.

HealthKart Contest for March 6
HealthKart Contest for March 6

The day’s winner is announced the next day along with the winning quote. In case you are wondering, how the responses given through Facebook comments will be seen by your friends, then it works like this. When you post your comment, you got to tick the ‘Post to Facebook’ checkbox, so that your friends can see it on your wall. And how effective is it in terms of creating visibility? I gave it a shot and found an issue: given below is the screenshot of my Facebook post and as you can see, I can like/unlike or comment but I cannot share with my friends. So if I want my friends to ‘like’ my contest response, I have to inform them individually.

HealthKart contest Facebook update
HealthKart contest Facebook update

Since, the contest is being run on the website, I was wondering whether the contest is open for all and not just for the Facebook users. But that is not so. Hence, I fail to understand why they have not created an app to do the same on their Facebook page itself. Wouldn’t that be convenient for all the parties?

If the contest was run to create awareness of the products on its portal amongst the nearly 74,000 Facebook fans, then one can understand why an app was not created. The brand probably preferred their Facebook fans to visit the portal, while participating in the contest. But how many fans do you think would really browse through the portal once they have participated in the contest? Aren’t these fans already aware of the brand?

Also, how is the contest or the awareness drive going to get viral without an app that helps you to share with your friends?

I have left the page with the sole thought of somebody not planning their Facebook campaigns well.