With #YoungAndResponsible HDFC Life wants to change the perception about youth

HDFC Life shares stories of Harmanpreet Kaur and Chintan Ruparel to change the perception that today's youth is not responsible enough

YoungAndResponsible HDFC life

Young people are restless but are they responsible? Every youngster must be hearing this phrase at least five times or more in a day. Thanks to the digital world, the senior generation holds a common belief that everything today comes easy and is ready-made? The common perception can be summarized by saying that today’s youth is not focused in their life, takes life for granted and don’t understand their responsibilities.

But it is quite a generalization and hard on the youth (I believe today’s generation is far more superior and achievers in life.) This needs to be addressed. HDFC Life Insurance, a company that believes in systematic planning has come up with an interesting campaign, one that relooks today’s youth as responsible than just being restless.

The campaign aims to highlight the aspiring youth of today, who are responsible, believe in planning and are goal-oriented individuals.

However perceptions are not easily changed. To change the common belief and bring the reality out, the brand conducted a social experiment whereby it invited few people who have experienced life to talk about the younger generation.

After the common perception about youth was said, two people were asked to share their opinions on two young people based on their photographs. One of them is a young girl who was assumed (seeing her photographs) to be an extrovert, more about friends than family and working in the tech industry. However the reality is very different when the girl on the photograph meets and tells the gentleman that she is very different from what she is perceived as.

She definitely loves to be with her family and is nowhere close to tech. She introduces herself as Harmanpreet Kaur, the 28-year-old Indian cricketer who was all over the news recently for her hard hitting 171 in the semi-final game of Women’s Cricket World Cup.

The four-minute long video also tells another youth story, again perceived completely wrong by looking at the pictures. He is Chintan Ruparel, Co-Founder of Terribly Tiny Tales.

Additionally, the brand has created two more videos that explore the individual stories of Harmanpreet and Chintan. Here is the story of Chintan who was working in advertising before founding his startup and had financially planned for everything that was enough for him to continue exploring (usually that isn’t the case with most entrepreneurs!)

The brand has extended the campaign on social media. Other than sharing the video stories the brand has taken the help of creative content to get its fan base talking. The visuals shared on social media extend the brand philosophy of #YoungAndResponsible with a dose of humor. Here are some of the tweets that elaborate the messaging:

With #YoungAndResponsible, HDFC Life is not only highlighting the importance of financial planning but also busting the popular misconception about today’s generation in a very smart manner.

Bringing two real life young achievers on one stage and breaking the regular perception via a social experiment is a well thought through campaign from HDFC Life. The messaging of the campaign has been designed in such a way that would surely get the youngsters involved in the video.

Commenting on the new campaign, Pankaj Gupta, EVP-strategic alliances, insurance and marketing, HDFC Life said, “#YoungAndResponsible shows that though the young generation might seem to be easy going and carefree, they are actually aware of their responsibilities. Research has also revealed that the young generation has increasingly shown an intention to purchase life insurance. The campaign, therefore, allows us to connect with the young generation in a meaningful manner by enabling us to address their needs.”

The social media extension is a simple one with okay creatives and contests. Would have loved if the brand built an engagement activity with the young achievers on its social media properties for fans. Youth look up to achievers in real life and this could have been a great opportunity had the brand brought Harmanpreet and Chintan on its social media pages to engage with fans.

Nonetheless, quite a refreshing campaign from HDFC Life to stand for today’s youth and reach out to them in an interesting form.