Why An Insurance Brand Hosted The First Ever Stand-Up Comedy On Twitter #Little2Adjust

For the promotions of Click2Protect Plus plan, HDFC Life hosted the first ever stand-up comedy on Twitter themed #Little2Adjust, where comedians shared funny answers to relationship queries made on Twitter

HDFC Life little2adjust

Relationships are a complex thing to tackle. And life is all about relationships, they say. If one can master the art of nurturing healthy relationships, they are usually set for life. This is particularly true for insurance brands that thrive on the long-term trust and loyalty built with their consumers. Be it for life, for a term or any other kind of insurance, your insurance agent is most often the first one to wish you on your birthday!

Last week, HDFC Life, one of India’s leading private life insurance companies, decided to have a little fun by hosting the first ever stand-up comedy on Twitter themed #Little2Adjust. In collaboration with professional stand-up comedy actors, Siddharth Dudeja and Bhavish Ailani, the HDFC Life #StandUpOnTwitter act invited people to send in their queries on relationships using the hashtag #Little2Adjust on Twitter, while the funny duo would answer it through short videos.

The product being featured was the HDFC Life Click2Protect Plus plan with enhanced features. With features that enable you to increase your insurance cover at key milestones like marriage or having a child, to the flexibility in choosing how you want your family to receive the insured sum, and many other enhanced benefits, “Click2Protect Plus” seems to be the ideal life insurance plan for the youth, especially young couples.

Here’s one of the videos where Siddharth gives funny answers to tweets asking how TV habits change after marriage and the definition of marriage:

This stand up by Bhavish is about the crazy friends who ask stupid questions at your wedding:

Buzz creation and engagement

The #Little2Adjust Twitter activity encouraged participation through prizes like BookMyShow vouchers, Android One Phones and iPad Mini. Execution started a few days prior, the brand’s social media pages started creating buzz about the hashtag #StandUpOnTwitter with little teasers and hints. The buzz created on HDFC Life Facebook page directed excited fans to the brand’s Twitter page, with the promise of cool incentives and loads of comedy.

The campaign began by asking Twitter users to guess what #StandUpOnTwitter could be, with the help of hints. The poster visual was eventually shared to unveil the live comedy show. Then one needed to guess the theme of the comedy show - adjustments in relationships and the hashtag #Little2Adjust. One also got the opportunity to name the funny duo, and win prizes.

On the day of the live stand up comedy, the brand’s Twitter handle invited users  to tweet their relationship queries, while engaging them with contests that invited them to share witty analogies to describe pre and post marriage states. While Twitter users joined in with their witty interpretations, the brand created short videos themed under #Little2Adjust. It also created videos on the relationship queries in real-time.

#Little2Adjust but big on impact

A stand-up comedy on Twitter is a first in the insurance sector! It gives the much-needed online space for an insurance brand, generally perceived to be a ‘boring’ brand. HDFC Life could very well have come up with a television commercial and a Twitter contest around the TVC that offered prizes on questions related to the TVC or the plan. But, it took a calculated risk with stand-up comedy and managed to connect with the young, urban, social-savvy consumer through this campaign. I’m quite impressed with the concept!

Also, execution has been designed to create the maximum reach and impressions through social media. Participation was cleverly encouraged by incentivizing it, in addition to creating indirect conversations around the new insurance plan and how all relationships need to adjust a little. The campaign hashtag #Little2Adjust is in sync with the brand message too.

A brilliant way to promote an insurance product, while making it memorably fun on social media. What are your views on HDFC Life #Little2Adjust campaign?