HDFC Life from securing to empowering loved ones

With Bounce Back to Success HDFC Life is stressing the fact that preparing your loved ones for adversity in life is as important as securing their future

HDFCLife behind the journey

“No one understands me.” At some point might we all have had this thought. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest problems in the world. Parents think that children don’t understand and vice versa. Well, that is love. Isn’t it? Taking the effort to understand and listen but we seldom do it.

I recently met a 26-year-old dynamic hustler. Created his first startup in the early 20’s, sold it to a network and now chasing another startup dream of local neighborhood discovery. Over a cup of filter coffee in Brigade Road, we were exchanging notes on entrepreneurship, publication and content discovery issues. During our hour-long discussion, the young man told me that he is not even bothered to have a conversation regarding his professional career with his parents.

“I am not even talking about personal issues.”

We both are standing at two different stages in life with a common ground that our families don’t understand our thoughts. In general, the majority of us have been in this situation. We Indians (by and large) don’t encourage the risk-taking behaviour and hence it shows everywhere.

But we have exceptions to keep hope alive. Take the example of mathematician Anand Kumar who is globally known for his relentless pursuit of coaching underprivileged students for IIT-JEE, the entrance examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Today his life and work are an inspiration but when no one believed him it was his brother who had his back in every situation and every moment. From financial to mental support so that Anand can pursue his dream. Last year Anand’s life was converted into a Bollywood movie and was also felicitated in the US with “Education Excellence Award 2019”.

“Everyone deals with adversity. It’s how you bounce back from it.”

Bounce Back to Success

In the world of social media, glitter and the madness of success stories, it is crucial to have the back of loved ones when one is down and shattered. It is very important to say that life has more to offer than one setback because we can always bounce back.

HDFC Life, the life insurance provider is communicating with its audience via its latest campaign  - Bounce Back to Success.

The film is about a daughter who is ashamed of not scoring well in her exams and so is the father who hasn’t prepared her daughter to face such adversities in life. But he finally does with an anecdote from his life about bouncing back is the only way forward.

Mid last year HDFC Life had embarked into the bounce back philosophy with a campaign “Bounce Back to Life”. To highlight the philosophy, the brand decided to tell real-life stories of survivor stories of Amrita Raichand (chef) and Boria Majumdar (sports journalist). Amrita survived the Mumbai terror attack and Boria is a survivor of a mid-air engine failure. The business objective was to showcase the need for term insurance to financially protect one’s family and loved ones when faced with unforeseen circumstances.

According to the company, the penetration of insurance is low in India.

While buying an insurance policy, people do not consider its core benefit – life cover/protection, rather they look for returns. Besides, people tend to believe that nothing is going to happen to them, without realizing that life is uncertain.

Low penetration of insurance

HDFC Life is not wrong. At least 988 million Indians-more than the population of Europe and 75% of all Indians-are not covered by any form of life insurance, and an Indian is assured of only 8% of what may be required to protect a family from financial shock following the death of an earning member, according to our analysis of government data and industry data.

India’s life insurance density (adjusted for purchasing power parity) was $811.3 in 2016-ahead of Brazil ($390) and China ($659.7) but below the UK ($2,129.3), USA ($1,724.9) and South Africa ($2,611.7, according to data from the IRDAI Annual Report, 2017.

With the bounce back campaign, HDFC life initially tried to communicate the need for taking action now and not postponing the plans into an indefinite future for your loved ones. In the latest campaign, the brand has taken the communication one step forward by asking its consumers not only they should secure the future of the loved ones but also to build them emotionally ready for adversities.

One could very well see there is a subtle change in the way the brand is communicating. It is slowly moving from the space of promoting only its products and services. While the stress of securing life insurance policies is there, it has moved into the space of higher ground by communicating that problems are synonymous with life and it’s better to be prepared and face it.

Behind the Journey - season 2

To take this messaging forward the brand is running season 2 of “Behind the Journey” campaign in partnership with Only Much Louder (OML), an Indian artist and event management company. According to the company, it has collaborated with five individuals, they are - standup comedian, Zakir Khan, web series star, Jeetu, electronic music producer, Ritviz, first female Olympic medalist Sakshi Malik, and music entrepreneur Jasleen Royal.

Season 2 of the campaign showcase bigger artists across domains and disciplines. In the video series uploaded on YouTube, the role models talk about their own financial struggles and how they have achieved financial freedom through grit and discipline.

This is the story of Jitendra Kumar or Jittu who shares his initial days, the struggle of a comeback, supporting his family’s wish and the importance of financial planning. Told in a simple and candid way the story focuses on Jittu and the references of the brand and its financial planning services are not intrusive.

One might think that Behind the Journey campaign isn’t the digital extension of the mainline campaign but there are connections. With this video series, the brand is highlighting that success takes time, so one should keep trying. Similarly, financial planning takes time with long-lasting effects. Even the mainline campaign has a similar message of not giving up to adversities and bouncing back is the only way forward.

However, I am once again disappointed to see why the campaign fails to find a mention on the website. It is there but trust me the way it has been presented is really boring.

The website looks like an encyclopedia of information. This is why design plays such an important role.

I was delighted that Joaquin Phoenix won the best actor Academy Award for his brilliant performance in the movie Joker. And I was also touched by his speech.

I have been a scoundrel all my life, I’ve been selfish. I’ve been cruel at times, hard to work with, and I’m grateful that so many of you in this room have given me a second chance. I think that’s when we’re at our best: when we support each other. Not when we cancel each other out for our past mistakes, but when we help each other to grow. When we educate each other; when we guide each other to redemption.

It is very important to say - “It’s okay, I am there for you and tomorrow is another bright day”. I am happy HDFC Life has a made point to remind us. Please do it, before it’s too late.