#BackToBachpan: HDFC Home Loans Takes Consumers Back To Their Childhood With Real Time Content

The home finance company's Children's Day campaign invited people to share their childhood memories and converted them into illustrations in real time

Amid the week-long Diwali celebrations, Indian brands did not forget Children’s Day right at the end of last week. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s fondness for children was immortalized by celebrating the birthday of the first Prime Minister of India on 14th November as ‘Children’s Day’ every year. Now the day is not just for children; it is also a celebration of the child in all of us adults.

This Children’s Day saw many Indian brands appeal to the ‘child’ in us. Some resorted to long-format videos celebrating the things we did as children but are now too self-conscious to do as grown ups. While others rolled out Children’s Day initiatives targeting parents, or CSR drives for the betterment of children, there is one brand that sought to make it a memorable one for its consumers.

HDFC Home Loans, one of India’s leading home finance company launched a social media campaign called ‘#BackToBachpan’, that literally took people back to their childhood. The brand invited people on Facebook and Twitter to share their childhood memories in tweets or photos for a special surprise and a chance to win gift vouchers.

While people sent in their childhood stories and pictures, little did they know about the surprise until a few hours later when they received it. Select picture entries were converted into illustrations in real time and sent back to the person who shared it on Facebook or Twitter. Select stories will receive gift vouchers soon.

The brand’s social media pages began promoting the campaign with this cheerful visual, following which it engaged with the participants. #BackToBachpan received many childhood memories from users eager for a surprise. Embedded below are some of the interesting illustrations created in real-time:


Fun. Engaging. Memorable

The home finance company managed to make it a memorable one this Children’s Day. Converting user pictures into illustrations may not be a novel idea on social media but when these pictures are related to a user’s childhood, it gets special for them. #BackToBachpan got HDFC Home Loans to bond better with its target group of social media savvy youngsters by converting their childhood pictures and stories into adorable illustrations, and sending them back in real time.

#BackToBachpan managed to drive good results. The campaign hashtag trended on Twitter on Children’s Day. From our social media tracking we found out that the campaign received over 100 plus photo entries on Twitter, and reached approximately 2.5 million users delivering 15+ million impressions. It also created more than 3,000 conversations with 920 odd users on Twitter. On Facebook, it received 31 photo entries and reached 109,110 people.

HDFC Home Loans’ #BackToBachpan is an engaging campaign building lasting consumer bonds that are essential in the business of home finance.