HCL Technologies Launches #CoolestInterviewEver, World’s First Twitter Recruitment Campaign

IT giant HCL Technologies has launched #CoolestInterviewEver, the first ever recruitment campaign on Twitter, where the winner will get a 12-month consulting project and USD 75,000

HCL coolestinterviewever_microsite

Recruitment is getting revolutionized! You do not need resumes, or formals for this revolutionary interview. All you need to be is cool and active on the 140-character social platform, Twitter and you could land a 12-month consulting project with an IT company.

As an extension to its employee-centric culture, IT giant HCL Technologies is on a global talent hunt for the coolest IT professionals through a unique recruitment campaign on Twitter, starting February 10, 2014. The 3-week campaign prefixed with the Twitter hashtag has been aptly named as the #CoolestInterviewEver contest.

Participants need to follow the company on Twitter and answer 6 questions to register themselves. The process of evaluation and selection will be carried out by HCL HR executives completely on Twitter, including the one-on-one interviews with the top five applicants.

#CoolestInterviewEver has 5 cool roles on offer - Ideapreneurship Evangelist, Big Data Guru, Hacker-in-Chief, Digital Voyager, Womenspiration. Each of the roles are accompanied by expert mentors from the particular field. The winner can choose any field of their choice. In addition to this work experience, the winner will also receive up to USD 75,000! (USD 25,000 as prize money and USD 50,000 as the yearly compensation).

#CoolestInterviewEver on social

The Twitter campaign is powered by a microsite (image embedded above), that has enlisted the steps to participate, the roles & rewards, the FAQs and the Terms & Conditions of the contest.

HCL Technologies has been bracing its social community a month in advance with the first social updates made in January this year. The company’s Facebook and Twitter pages began sharing about the unique recruitment process that is soon to start on Twitter. The content that followed later has been interesting. The Twitter page has been gearing up users with the help of visuals and more info about the contest. Shared below are a few of the tweets and the initial round of questions:

HCL also gave cool tips to its potential applicants on the best strategy to adopt for the #CoolestInterviewEver. Shared below is the ‘Twittiquettes’ video with the five cool tips for the interview. More cool videos have been featured on the Gallery at the website.

Twitter for an employee-centric bonding

What better medium than Twitter (also popular as the global townsquare) to host a global recruitment campaign? In fact, #CoolestInterviewEver is a great booster to the employee-centric culture at HCL by adopting social media for recruitment. Indeed, a sign of moving with the times! Have a look at the hashtag - the campaign has received a good number of positive responses from the participating youngsters.

Additionally, HCL has also leveraged the #CoolestInterviewEver website to showcase the various opportunities it has on offer. Job links listed on LinkedIn, GlassDoor, Naukri and a Facebook app feature at the footer of the site. With the #CoolestInterviewEver Twitter campaign, HCL has not only refreshed the process of recruitment but also branded itself as the coolest employers in the IT field.

This is one Twitter recruitment campaign to look forward to. Tentatively over by March 3, the #CoolestInterviewEver has set a new benchmark for recruiters in 2014!