HCG & Pink Hope Invite Cancer Survivors To Share Selfie Videos For The SelfV Film Festival

Healthcare Global Enterprise and Pink Hope have kickstarted the SelfV Film Festival to bring forth cancer survivor stories through minute-long selfie-videos

SelfV film festival

Cancer is a dreaded disease, more so, because it is largely perceived to be untreatable. And that is where the Cancer Survivors day comes in, to honour survivors, their doctors, friends and family members, and to tell the world that life after cancer is possible and can be an inspiring one.

On the occasion of Cancer Survivors day this year, HCG (Healthcare Global Enterprise), a Specialist in Cancer Care along with Pink Hope, a Cancer Support Group initiated a unique platform ‘SelfV’ where cancer survivors could celebrate their second chance at life by posting self-videos.

The initiative last year drew huge participation with cancer survivors participating from all over the world, and also made its way through to Limca Book of Records for first cancer survivors to take self-videos!

This year there is an interesting tweak with the launch of “SelfV Film Festival”, a one-of-a-kind celebration to celebrate Cancer Survivors Day. Cancer survivors needed to take a self-video of 60 seconds, showcasing the story of their struggle and conquest over cancer, and these would be judged by a jury from the film fraternity. The best ones would then be showcased across theatres in the city. Not only that, there are also prizes ranging from Mahindra Jeep, International holidays, smartphones, LED TVs and designer merchandise.

A dedicated website has been created for the Self V Film Festival. To participate, cancer survivors need to create their self videos and upload it at the Facebook page on SelfV, tagging their friends and family who were with them during this survival phase. They can then share this link with their social connections and help spread awareness.

The self-videos are also being shared on the website, as well as the HCG Facebook page. Cancer supporters can participate too, by uploading their self-videos encouraging cancer survivors to share their story.

This is the SelfV of Mark Gerard Rigo:


Vandana Ramnane’s SelfV talking about the positive ‘C’s she lives by:


A self-video with a cause

Selfies and self videos, also called ‘velfies’ are a regular staple on social media timelines. Leveraging this popular social media phenomenon to build awareness on cancer is a good way to spread the word. What better way to hear about cancer survivor stories than from their own self-videos!

The concept of SelfV is an effective one to build cancer awareness through social media, while the incentive to feature in the film festival will help boost participation. Hopefully, the SelfV wins a place in the Limca Book of Records this year too.

The last day for uploading a Selfv is 2nd Aug, 2015. Do spread the word if you know a cancer survivor.