How Prodigitz Media Leveraged Friendship Day For Havmor With User-Generated Dubsmash Videos

Case study by Prodigitz Media for ice cream brand Havmor, in which the agency played on the popularity of dubsmash for Friendship Day getting friends to dubsmash together


The Client

Havmor is an Ice Cream brand. Havmor is a neologism for ‘have more’ which means the customer gets more value for money and more taste to relish from the brand’s ice creams. Riding on the humongous list of clientele, the company today has become one of the leading ice cream brands in western India.

The Agency

Prodigitz Media - Our creative minds deal in everything but the ordinary. Equipped with an extensive understanding of the digital space we provide optimized experiences across all digital channels. Combining the distinct aspects of digital marketing, we ensure your brand receives proper recognition.

Problem Statement

A friend is the first person who is called when in trouble. Friendship is a beautiful relation without any limits or rules. Friendship day is a day dedicated to that precious jewel who stands by your side always. It is a day where people meet all their old and new friends and show how much they mean to them as friends.

However, we live in an incredibly busy and stressful world with constant flows of activities, information, and people. While people always try to find outlets of escape with friends from the hustle and bustle of the madness of everyday life, important matters always take the priority. In all this clutter, people also tend to forget the importance of friends and family and work-life balance.

Havmor wanted to use this perfect occasion of Friendship Day to let yourself loose and have fun with your friends. The challenge was to find a clutter breaking path to build the right connect and engage with the fast moving and dynamic millennial of youth to have fun with their friends.

Identified Objective

The objective of the #HavmorFunn campaign was to connect with Indian youth millennial today to show them that in this fast moving life, they can have more fun with their friends this friendship day.


In today’s fast paced lifestyle, people don’t get enough time to move around with friends and have fun. As individuals, they don’t get to indulge as much as they want to, in varied lifestyle choices such as eating out, going for movies or watching sitcoms with friends.

Havmor as a brand symbolizes of having more of everything, hence we sought out to create a platform, where the youth audience could engage with the brand and can have more fun. Dubsmash was the new rage after selfies all over the globe. We decided to leverage the appeal that Friendship day has with our audience by marrying Friendship day with Dubsmash. Thus was born “#HavmorFunnWithFriends”.

To add more fun to the entire activity, we roped in professional voiceover artists to record sound bytes with our own personal twist.

We identified and created content that the youth could identify with:

  • Famous movie dialogues
  • Tongue twisters
  • Timeless sitcom moments

We asked users to choose any soundboard from our Dubsmash channel ‘Have More Fun’ and submit their entry with a unique hashtag #HavmorFunnWithFriends across our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Users could also visit our microsite/Facebook tab to view various dubs which were auto collected through Twitter and Instagram together in a common gallery.

The #HavmorFunnWithFriends campaign not only allowed the users to have fun but also created social circle within the Havmor community page.


  • With 300+ Dubsmash entries, users had maximum fun with friends.
  • More than 400+ followers on Twitter and 128 followers increased on Instagram.
  • The hashtag #HavmorFunnWithDubsmash took Twitter by storm and trended nationwide for 4 hours.
  • The campaign was able to bring the true fun of the friendship by creating 500k+ impressions on Social Media.
  • Digital News Portals like Social Samosa covered the campaign and it was also rated as one of the best campaigns of Diwali.


Requesting photographs, images are a passé; users like to experiment with new platforms. Dubsmash as a platform worked for us as it let the users innovate and had the fun element associated with it.

Cross platform usage is the key to building an effective social campaign.