Havells Steps Up Its #RespectForWomen, This Video Has Music Created From Its Kitchen Appliances

Extending its ‘Respect for Women’ campaign, Havells has launched a video featuring Vasudha Sharma from the pop band Aasma and Sarthak Mudgal a renowned percussionist, where the duo create music from kitchen appliances

Brands are waking up to cater to the ‘thinking’ consumer, finally. The advent of social media has lent the consumer a voice and brands are tuning in to match their communication. Lately, Havells Appliances had created a stir on social media when the home appliances brand sought to shout out loud that ‘women are not kitchen appliances’, in its tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign rolled out for IPL 7.

Themed around ‘Respect for women’, it consisted of a series of 5 ad films for each of the kitchen appliances like coffee maker, steam iron, mixer, etc. The commercials were well received on social media, in particular this ad featuring the brand’s coffee maker.

The brand is now extending its message of ‘Respect for Women’ with an innovative music video. Havells has teamed up with Culture Machine, a company that creates ​digital video ​entertainment for the internet generation, to create a bricolage song. The song is similar to​ a jug band where in musical beats are created with the help of everyday appliances which are used in the kitchen.

Apart from featuring the brand’s kitchen appliances, the 3-minute video featuring Vasudha Sharma from the pop band Aasma and Sarthak Mudgal a renowned percussionist, has a story around it which ties up with the central theme that a women’s place is not in the kitchen alone, but it is wherever she wants to be and she could do whatever she wishes to.

The video is set in a home where Sarthak creates a tune in the living room, while a male friend approves it. Unimpressed, Vasudha sings the right tune, to which Sarthak gets annoyed and tells her to go make a sandwich for him. She does go to the kitchen, but instead of preparing the sandwich, she begins to compose music using the appliances in the kitchen. Quite impressed, he joins in too!

Watch Vasudha and Sarthak create a unique blend of the classic hit, Humma Humma by A.R.Rahman, by mixing it with the beats from the Havells appliances. Quite a unique way to explore music around the kitchen as well as some product branding!

First uploaded on the ‘Being Indian’ YouTube channel, popular for its quirky Indian videos, the music video has now been uploaded on Havells YouTube channel and is also being shared on its Facebook and Twitter pages. Given the social media thumbs up for each of its recent ‘respect for women’ ads, this video in all likelihood will also receive a resounding thumbs up from social media folks.