Havells India Enlightens Fans With Bijli Baba Ka Energyan

About the Havells India 'Bijli Baba' TVC campaign and a look at the brand's social media content following the campaign

Havells India, the electrical goods manufacturer known for its humorous take on branding, is out with a new campaign featuring a godman called ‘Bijli Baba‘. The new campaign with a brand new TVC is directed at creating awareness about its energy efficient products, where Bijli Baba is seen powering streetlights, stations, etc. with a wave of his hand. The ad ends on the note that the Baba cannot visit everyone, so until then we could do good by using Havells products.

Although the ad might not send a strong message to use the brand’s energy saving products, it does create a high brand recall with its whacky humour. Havells will now be forever ingrained with Bijli Baba and his miraculous power of spreading electricity. Playing on the same idea in social media, the brand has added more character to the godman.

The Havells Facebook page features exclusive ‘Bijli Baba ka enerGYan‘, where the godman shares every day tips on saving energy. The update on the right advises you to pull the plug of your laptop when not in use. The Facebook page with a strong community of more than 127K fans, is not placing an emphasis on the Baba though.

The community is being catered with content that ranges from global warming, water pollution to saving trees, majorly, while a few updates are about energy saving tips from Bijli Baba. Havells India has a Twitter presence too, although most updates are a copy of the ones on its Facebook page, with a few tweets about the Baba’s tips. Moreover, visitors on the Twitter page have been encouraged to join the Facebook community.

The Twitter page along with the Facebook page do not seem to be leveraging on Bijli Baba at the moment. And that has left me a little surprised since the idea of Bijli Baba has the potential to go strong and the quality to go viral, if carried forward on social media. Most TVCs are followed up with some awesome content strategy on social media channels.

Anyways, it remains to be seen whether Bijli Baba creates waves in the coming weeks or is simply extinguished as a one-film campaign.