Have You Seen BlogAdda’s Pinterest Yet?

An article on how effectively Blogadda is using Pinterest

Give a shout to anyone who breathes social media and ask him about one network that is doing the rounds. The answer would undoubtedly have to be Pinterest. Pinterest, which is an impulse based social network, allows you to pin or curate content. Your pins could be either pictures,links from others or videos. Its the simplicity and visual power that have made Pinterest the darling site of this year. And numbers say that it is also driving more traffic than Twitter. Well that is the case in the US and a product is judged when it makes noise globally and not just locally.

In India, the usage has been limited and one of the reasons could be that people are yet not bored of Facebook unlike US. Indian users have shown some interest in the network and hopefully it won’t fizz out just as Google Plus has done. However, the number of brands using Pinterest effectively, has not been that massive. I am not saying that it is zero but the way in which brands such as Oreck, Mashable,Etsy, etc. have used, that vigour is missing. Nonetheless, one brand or rather community caught my eyes recently and made me write about it. BlogAdda one of the blogging communities of India has started using Pinterest and in an interesting way too.

blogadda pinterest
Blogadda Pinterest Profile

The new profile upgrades by Pinterest gives a great view when you look at the BlogAdda Pinterest profile. It has 9 boards and the maximum number of pins is 205, which gives a fairly good idea how active BlogAdda has been. Social Media is sharing and promoting your stuff too. BlogAdda knows it well and that’s why if you see the boards - 4 of the board’s consist of pins that lead to it’s own site or content produced by them. Rest of the boards have pins or content from fans or of interesting people, that BlogAdda felt like sharing. Must say this is the way it should be.

As a blogger, I have always visited BlogAdda to read interviews and I think they are a treasure to be shared on one place. BlogAdda has done the same by creating a board called Bloggers Worth Knowing. A great collection of 148 pins meant to be treasured. Not only is  BlogAdda sharing some awesome content but it is also driving traffic to it’s own site.  Boards such as Street Food From India, Cushion Covers, Web Humor, etc. are really interesting where BlogAdda is not only curating content but appreciating work of others too. Sharing and appreciating are the golden rules of social media engagement. BlogAdda scores full marks here.

blogadda pinterest board
BlogAdda Pinterest Board

So if you are not following BlogAdda, then it is the right time to do so and repin some awesome pins. I have been a Pinterest user for some time now however I have not been active for some reasons that I wish to blog soon. But BlogAdda is an ideal example where brands or communities have done simple things and one wishes that other brands follow it too. Everything can’t be equated to sales.

Some time back I had shared a post where I had emphasized that Indian Ecommerce should use Pinterest. I still have the same belief and if you as a brand are still considering how should I use it then follow these simple steps:

  • Social Media is always about content and will always remain the same. So make sure you are not pinning every skirt and fruit found on this planet. Share something that people would love to say woah!
  • Social Media is also about how much can you consume and digest. No point in creating 10 empty boards. Make sure you create boards when you can fill sufficient amount of pins. No fun in keeping empty boards.
  • If you have a blog or a site and you would love to share them then do so. No harm in sharing them as one of the boards like BlogAdda has done but overdoing it can backfire you.
  • Social Media is also about sharing content and Pinterest is a great platform to share amazing work by people. For example I am a social media blogger and I love blogging. So I have created a board, which lists curated blogging articles that I come across daily.  Even though it is not driving traffic to my blog but at least it makes my community aware of my interests.
  • Finally when you are pining content of others make sure that you are allowed to do so. According to the latest announcement by Pinterest, if you are found pinning others work under your name or doing wrong things, then your account will be blocked and you could face other problems too.

I am sure that Pinterest is evolving from just an app and the latest changes have given the clear indication. Do let me know if this ‘pinterests’ you?