Hashtag #PCWedsNDTV Reveals Alleged Money Laundering Scam Involving Chidambaram & NDTV

Anonymous blog post and Madhu Kishwar write about Finance Minster P. Chidambaram's involvement in an alleged money laundering scam by a media company NDTV



While Twitter is known for its open architecture of free flowing conversations, it is also popular for its Trending Topics. One of the reasons why Facebook recently incorporated a similar feature. Twitter trends that highlight the ten most talked about topics today has been constantly showing up #PCWedsNDTV. The trend that has been occupying the top position in the India Twitter trends since morning reveals the alleged money laundering scam by a media company – NDTV.

According to an anonymous blog post, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram is involved in an alleged money laundering scam by a media company NDTV. The post takes up the accusation made by S.K. Srivastava, 1987 batch IRS officer. On the other hand minister P. Chidambaram has accused that S.K Srivastava is in-disciplined officer and should be removed from government service. The details of the entire story with evidence is worth a read.

In fact a similar story has also been revealed by Madhu Kishwar, a social activist who has openly charged NDTV and the minister to be accused of Rs.5500 crore money laundering scam. The article at Manushi – forum for women’s rights and democratic reforms - shared elaborate details on how SK Srivastava is fighting a lone battle against Hawala & tax evasion scam by NDTV. Madhu has also shared a video which talks about Srivastava’s fight.

The episode has not gone down well with NDTV and the media house has already sent a defamation notice to Madhu for publishing and circulating a defamatory article based on the false and baseless allegations of income tax commissioner SK Srivastava.

NDTV also highlights that Srivastava’s bizarre accusations have already been dismissed by every authority. That includes a CBI Court in Delhi, which, in 2011, called his charges unsubstantiated, unwarranted and malicious, before fining him Rs. 10,000 to prevent such frivolous and mischievous applications.

Meanwhile, Madhu who has been quite active on Twitter among her 53K followers has been quite vocal about the defamation notice. She has also shared her reply to the defamation notice by NDTV, labeling it as NDTV’ coercive tactics to single her out and gag Manushi.

While traditional media is yet to take this case strongly, open media (read Twitter) is already abuzz with the episode. Hashtag #PCwedsNDTV has been trending at the top since this morning. It would be interesting to keep an eye on the case and see if NDTV sends any further notice to Madhu to remove related posts from the site.

Image credit: NDTV