Harshil Karia Shares About “Fosters Art Of Chilling” Social Media Engagement

An interview with Harshil Karia founder of Foxymoron who Talks About "Fosters Art Of Chilling" Social Media Engagement

Harshil Karia“Fosters Art of Chilling“ a cool brand message by Fosters India has built wonders in social media. The brand, for some time now, has maximized its social media capabilities on both the networks - Facebook and Twitter. Besides this the brand has tied up with exciting offline events and more. The engagement that the brand drives is commendable and the larger credit goes to its digital agency, FoxyMoron.

I caught up with Harshil Karia, Founder at FoxyMoron, through an email interview to know all about  how do they as an agency plan to drive the engagement levels for Fosters. The conversation is shared below:

1. ‘Fosters Art of Chilling’ really goes well with the beer brand. Do you want to share more on it?

Foster’s is all about the Art of Chilling - more importantly, it’s all about Chilling Out and Relaxing with your Mates!  The Foster’s philosophy is that a tall, chilled pint of beer is best enjoyed, not alone but with your best mates for company! To bring alive the Art of Chilling, Foster’s has also created a new identity, which constitutes an array of Chill Heads. Each Chill Head has a different interest and engages in a unique form of The Art of Chilling. You can see more about every ChillHead here.

2. [email protected] was more of a Facebook campaign, would you like to throw some light on it. How has been the response in terms of engagement apart from the increase in fan count?

[email protected] was actually not just a Facebook Campaign. It’s an activation that the brand has adopted across media. On Facebook specifically, the [email protected] campaign has generated great results. It’s been a great interaction driver. It has also helped drive home one of the key strategic objectives of Brand Foster’s, which is to drive ‘In Home Consumption’.  We’ve been able to connect with a large number of influencers and bloggers in the Digital space using the Party @ Home concept, which has given the brand its fair share of visibility. 

The end result is that users themselves have started to host [email protected] and sharing their content on Facebook. It’s thus worked more as a push approach as opposed to a pull approach.

3. Twitter has been used brilliantly with the daily conversations, which you had started. So how has the experience been if you can share along with numbers?

Twitter has been phenomenal. We’ve had a great number of Branded trends. It started with #fosterslol then we had #fostershomeparty followed by #artofchilling, #needafosters and #fostersstrong.

All the branded trends have given us a reach of about 500,000 per trend, which we’ve been able to track with tools like Tweetreach and Hashtracking. 

Apart from that, we also run a variety of unbranded conversations. On an average we have 2 such #conversations that trend globally. It’s become a bit of a habit with Foster’s now! The result is a quality and strong following for Brand Foster’s. A set of loyal engaged users and a quality Klout score.

Here is a video encapsulating the impact of one such trend :

[youtube F9OSyVscuDQ 500 300]

4. How do you want to take the art of chilling further in 2012 on social media? Will it be more of experiments or following the bandwagon?

There certainly are a lot of experiments in the pipeline - we’ll be using video, mobile and some amount of gamification. Of course, with the experiments there will be a large set of ideas that work which will be implemented.

5. Lastly, it is considered a must for brands to be on social media but there are challenges. What have been your challenges and how have you tackled them?   

In terms of challenges, scalability and fan love has been a challenge. Engagement on content has also been a challenge. 

For scalability we’ve been able to work and perfect an optimum media mix.

For fan love, initiatives like the ones we’ve been doing on Twitter have helped us a lot. Brand Foster’s is also integrating and investing in a lot of properties that get consumers to really experience the Art of Chilling at a new level altogether. For instance, there’s the Foster’s LOL Evening, which is a nationwide comedy festival in partnership with Weirdass Comedy - the festival is now in its 2nd year and has made consumers see the brand in a completely new light. There are also other exclusive event properties in the pipeline but it’s too early to talk about the same now.

For Engagement on Content, we’ve ramped up the content on the Facebook Page of Foster’s by investing heavily in a unique creative route and spending a lot of time in perfecting the look of the brand and the creation of content that generates a lot of ‘Shares’ and interesting responses. 

The properties we have on Facebook are: a) Chill Code b) LOL Moment c) Staying relevant with Internet Memes d) Tips to practice the Art of Chilling   e) We’re also investing into Product Shots etc. -

There’s thus an abundance of quality content, which is enabling the brand to maintain a high amount of content engagement.

Thanks Harshil for sharing your thoughts! It is not very easy to successfully engage on both the networks constantly. I am sure there has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears lost. Wish you the very best and hope to see more exciting campaigns in the near future.