Harper Collins India Invites Bloggers To Get Published

HarperCollins India has tied up with Indiblogger, a blogger community of Indians, in the search for ‘Real Love’ stories and will publish the best stories in an anthology of Real Love


HarperCollins India has tied up with Indiblogger, a blogger community of Indians, in the search for ‘Real Love’ stories and will publish the best stories in an anthology of Real Love.

Anyone who loves to read a good story also wishes to write one and this became a reality with the advent of blogs. Although blogs were conceived in the late 1990s around the time when web publishing tools were built, they became popular only after 2005. Anyone with a penchant for weaving words and the basic skills required to publish on a blog, could fulfil their dream.

Soon self-publishing became the norm and blogs turned into online platforms for self-expression. From fiction to poetry, from marital spats to national politics, all genres of writing were explored and experimented with. Publishing houses knocked on the doors of bloggers in the hope to find the next Pulitzer winner.

With the evolution of blogs and the subsequent intermingling of publishing ideas, we have seen many instances of bloggers turning into published authors. So the new wish is to be a published author with a renowned publishing house!


Leading publishers, HarperCollins has now joined hands with Indiblogger, an Indian blogger community in the search for Real Love stories and not fictional accounts of imagined romance. HarperCollins seeks an insight into the way ‘love actually plays out in this tangled society of ours’.

The very best stories will be brought together in an anthology of Real Love and published by HarperCollins India.

The Real Love contest on Indiblogger

HarperCollins has embarked on a wonderful journey in the search for real love stories, if one goes by the amazing contest designed at Indiblogger. Beautiful layout, informative and helpful content, a forum to discuss ideas called ‘Thinking Caps’ and above all roping in Yashodhara Lal, author of “Just Married, Please Excuse” and also a prolific blogger and member of Indiblogger, to guide, support and inspire the bloggers.

Apart from displaying notes from the Editor’s desk and the author’s desk, the page has ample amount of information about what the idea is all about and where you need to navigate to know more.


The discussion forum, ‘Thinking Caps’ has two options to sign in – either Indiblogger account or Facebook account. Once signed in, a blogger can interact with the author Yashodhara or get queries clarified from the HarperCollins team or the Indiblogger team.

Bloggers can either comment on an existing thread or start a new discussion under the given categories like ‘Stories’, ‘Writing Tips’, ‘Editors Notes’, etc. There is also a feature to see recent activities by others.

Spreading the word on social media

The discussion forum designed for the ‘Real Love’ contest, Thinking Caps forms an excellent social community of book lovers on their journey to getting published. But what is clever is the use of Facebook login. By enabling the Facebook login in the forum, a blogger can bring her friends, family and readers over to participate and spread the story.

Additionally, you can spread the word through Twitter and Facebook with the buttons displayed on the page. A pre-filled tweet gets generated with the hashtag #BlogPub which you can tweet to your followers. Similarly, the Facebook Share option enables you to share the contest link on your wall.

The contest page also provides the link to the Twitter and Facebook pages of both Indiblogger and HarperCollins so you could be socially connected with them, beginning now.

I am highly impressed with the ‘get published’ campaign right from ideation to execution and will definitely give it a shot myself. If you have encountered or experienced a real love story first-hand, then go ahead and submit your ideas to HarperCollins. The contest is on till the 14th of February 2013 but do remember to sign up with Indiblogger first!