Tech startups in the consumer space are forever finding new ways to reach out to their potential user. With funny videos being a sureshot solution to connect with the social-savvy millennials, more and more Indian tech companies are investing into funny videos.

Haptik, the �Everyone’s Personal Assistant’ app has rolled out a hilarious video on who else but engineers, in a bid to popularise its app. The app, which is available on Google Play and the App Store, lets one find the best mobile plan, file a complaint or service request, make web check-ins, check PNR or train status, find flight schedules and prices, find the best shopping deals and many more stuff, all through the messaging-driven app.

Haptik decided to ask the smartest set of people in a company – the engineers – what �marketing’ was. Now engineers and marketers have always been like the two sides of a coin; integral to a company, but never really seem to understand what the other does. So, when these engineers from three different companies, were asked about marketing, they come up with some really hilarious definitions.

Ever heard about Mouth-to-Mouth marketing? Procrastinate, paisa, in the 4 P’s of marketing? There’s also a wild guessing game about the cost of a TV or print ad.

The engineers ultimately figure out that marketing is a different ball game, while the viewer is introduced to the moral of the video – “However smart, you need to ask the right people ​for help!”