HappyWhy, Your Facebook Magazine

HappyWhy,Your Facebook Magazine

Glossy paper, glamorous models, crisp writing were a weekly attraction to me in the form of magazines. Every week I used to spend around Rs. 100 in purchasing magazines to quench my reading thirst and to be well informed. The digital revolution changed everything; Facebook and Twitter swept off my magazines completely from my shelves. Now it’s all on the cloud. Definitely life has become faster but at times I still miss those glossy papers and the feel of aristocracy. But thankfully I’ve found HappyWhy founded by Mithun Sheshagiri and Srinivas Mangipudi. HappyWhy is not just another online magazine but a magazine that covers your Facebook wall. The magazine which is also termed as the Flipboard for Non-Ipad devices is definitely an app to try and already has 20,000 users glued to it.

How does it Work?

  • You log in via your Facebook account and if you don’t have one, you need to create it.
  • In no time the app processes your Facebook wall and profile and displays a wall full of pictures, videos and thoughts.
  • The home page is the summary of activities that is going on in your profile. So you can see everything at a glance.
  • If you have a Facebook fan page, then you can create a magazine of your fan page and publish it too.
  • ‘Browse Magazines’ allows you to search for existing magazine pages. Try some of the fashion and clothing related pages, they are really cool.

Is the App Cool?


  • For a Facebook user, the wall turns into a great pictorial content rather than boring streams.
  • The content delivered to you has no chattering that you find on the wall.
  • Brands can publish their fan/brand page and share with their community.
  • Publishing or delivering the magazine via mail will be a great option for brands, especially when the community might have missed it due to some reason.


HappyWhy really makes fans happy and brands can use it as another medium to connect with fans. However, sharing options on the magazine, selection of different templates, reading the content in apps such as Instapaper and viewing it in a magazine mode will definitely increase the glamour quotient of HappyWhy.

Are you publishing your magazine this weekend?