Happydent Brings Sparkling Smiles With Cover Pic Of The Day

by Vinaya Naidu on July 6, 2022


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Perfetti’s most popular chewing gum, Happydent with its memorable and exaggerated ads dramatizing whiteness has an amazingly happy Facebook page. I stumbled upon the page through an interesting Facebook ad. You can post pictures of you with your smiling friends on the Happydent Facebook wall, and become the cover page of Happydent for a day. And whats even cool – you will receive Happydent mugs with the picture printed on them.

A fan and her friends as Cover photo

I’m usually on the lookout for exciting campaigns and if some of them go viral, it makes for a great research and story. But the Happydent page has left me a bit speechless with its content strategy. By keeping it open for fans to upload their pics, the brand is playing the right cards on social media. The community is going strong at 693K fans.

While this might not be an extensively built, expensive campaign but it certainly deserves a mention because of its simplicity and the resulting impact. The engagement on the page is really good for example consider the below screen which motivated more than 60 people to comment and another 461 people have shared with their community. This is not the case for the below post only, every post has the same story.

Posting related content on the wall

Facebook is a network for friends and family and any brand that understands this, gets the social media equation right. This essence of Facebook is further amplified in a close-knit Indian society where brands have to embrace not only fans but also their friends and family. And it seems Happydent has got this right. A simple campaign but not unique.

Ever since Facebook launched cover photo with the new timeline beginning this April, there has been a beeline of contests or fan engagement campaigns around cover photo feature. Micromax ran one during the IPL where the contest winner could get her pic displayed on the cover page of the brand. Aamby Valley held a crowdsourced cover photo contest for its fans with the grand prize of a stay at one of its resorts.

What do you think about Happydent Cover pic of the day? It surely brings a smile onto my face!

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