Hair & Care Endorses Shraddha Sharma In its New TVC [Exclusive]

A blog post on why Hair & Care endorsed Shraddha Sharma in its new TVC

I think this is the biggest news for today. Teen sensation Shraddha Sharma, who is famous for her beautiful voice and amazing fan following on social media, has been endorsed by Hair & Care, a hair oil brand for it’s new TVC.  Hair & Care has designed the new TVC targeting young girls, featuring their favourite teen idol, Shraddha Sharma. The ad which I happened to see on her fan page a while ago, is shared below:

Shraddha Sharma’s social presence

Shraddha Sharma, a girl from Dheradun is a face that may be new for a generation from which I belong but not for the youth of India. Shraddha is an amazing singer with a soulful voice and a gripping presence on social media. Her official Facebook fan page has more than 158K fans and her Youtube brand page has more than 50K subscribers with more than 7M views. Now isn’t that a gigantic community for a 16 year old girl? If you are questioning the engagement she is driving from her page then have a look at the numbers that the recent post of her ad has got. I bet it could give a lot of brands a run for their money!

Shraddha Sharma Facebook
Facebook Content

My thoughts

It is a really cool move from the brand and I am excited about this whole news for reasons listed below:

1. The brand has not endorsed any Bollywood celebrity but a girl who represents the desired target group and is also a celebrity in the social media world.  A smart move by the brand in the social media times when youngsters in India are no more keen to see Bollywood celebrities as their role models as revealed by a report done by MTV announced during the MTV Youth Marketing event.

2. Definitely this practice would be soon followed by other brands and the case of Shraddha Sharma proves that social media is not a fad. However, it also goes to show that social media works only when you have a quality product, backed up with an effective social media strategy and implementation.

3. Selecting a person who is influential on social media, has given a lot of brownie points to the brand, which is  just setting up its feet on Facebook. Hair & Care joined Facebook on 28th May.  The move definitely has helped the brand – it has captured more than 10,000 likes within a very short span! The credit definitely goes to the popularity that Shraddha has on Facebook.

It is good to see  Hair & Care going the social way and I am sure this will help the brand to be more popular among it’s target group and definitely will create more awareness about the brand. I suppose this is the first time when an Indian brand has endorsed a social media celebrity for its TVC.

I am quite excited by this move and with the changing times, how about you?