Häagen-Dazs Engages Fans With A Jigsaw Puzzle On Facebook

About the Facebook contest by luxury ice cream brand, Häagen-Dazs that has a jigsaw puzzle to reveal its world flavours


Luxury ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs, from General Mills introduces its flavours through a jigsaw puzzle on Facebook where one can win an iPad and exciting gift vouchers.

The super-premium ice cream brand founded in 1961, made its India debut in the December of 2009 in select cities only. With the advent of other global players in the Indian market and the existing ones, Häagen-Dazs needed to up its act. The brand has launched an interesting jigsaw puzzle contest in a Facebook application on its page called ‘Taste the world of Häagen-Dazs’.

Six ice cream creations, each of which is inspired from Belgium, France, England, India, Madagascar and China are revealed when the puzzle is solved. Fans need to solve the jigsaw puzzle of a certain country in the shortest time possible to reveal the ice cream creation for that country.

The jigsaw puzzle is hosted on a neat little Facebook app as shown in the screenshot here. The contest is open exclusively to fans alone, so you need to ‘like’ the page before you can solve the puzzle.


When you click on ‘Start now’, a glowing map set against a dark background has the six places highlighted. When you roll the mouse over any of these places, the ice cream creation for that place along with a monument that signifies that place pops up. When I hovered over India, I was shown a picture of the Taj Mahal and a rather tempting arrangement of ice cream and fruits to resemble kebabs on skewers!

When you click the place, the specific monument is broken into jigsaw pieces. Solve it fast to reveal the flavour. As for me, I revealed the flavour of India to be ‘Barbeque Indulgence’ and a description of what it is made up of. Give a creative shot to ‘I love Häagen-Dazs because’ in 200 characters and submit your answer. The app will also show the time taken to complete the puzzle.

At the bottom, you have an option to post the flavour on a friend’s wall or also invite friends to the app.

‘View Leaderboard’ shows a list of top scorers with the least possible time. You can also filter them on the country.

How chilled is Häagen-Dazs jigsaw contest?

Revealing the ice cream creations through a jigsaw puzzle is a cool concept and helps in flavour recall but I wasn’t particularly impressed with the app. It was a simple one with good design and the required set of instructions and Terms & Conditions but the campaign makers have not given much thought to execution.

User navigation needs a severe revamp as there is none. I had a pretty tough time trying to move between different countries on the contest. Each time, I refreshed the app to go to the home page and then begin all over again. One can only move from the Leaderboard to the map and can never go back any time. Navigation should have been considered for an app that has six jigsaw puzzles to be solved!

That said, the campaign entices fans to try out the various world flavours with the promise of gift vouchers. Also, the grand prize of an iPad sits well with the luxury ice cream brand that retails for nearly 3 times a basic scoop.

Do visit the jigsaw puzzle to reveal an interesting creation of  Häagen-Dazs ice creams, but let me know how you liked the app.