Guns N’ Roses India Tour Engages Fans With #JoinGNR On Twitter

A review of #JoinGNR campaign on Twitter for the Guns N' Roses India Tour 2012, along with a dedicated microsite with a game that offered free passes to the fastest to solve!


“Join G N’ R” the site proclaimed loudly and for a digital marketer there can’t be a better CTA than that. With my teenage years spent listening to some of the Guns N’ Roses numbers, it can’t be better than this to have the band visit my own city Bangalore, as part of their India tour 2012!

So, in the hope of some great experience I just logged in to the site. While I was logged in to and much away from the regular music sponsors, I found Lipton being their beverage partner both exciting and intriguing at the same time. And then a mention about a small game on the site that can give me some free passes. Just awesome!

The microsite provides a Facebook login, so login with your Facebook ID and a small game about joining and arranging some broken video images of the ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ starts. With 5 minutes to their disposal, the one completing in the least amount of time will be declared a winner and a user gets 3 attempts.

The players are being tracked in the leaderboard and currently we have a user having done it in 10 sec. Whew!

Combined that with the Twitter #joinGNR campaign, we couldn’t ask for more.

This is a great campaign designed by Social Seety and the micro-site leverages the power of social media. It is indeed a great way for them to introduce Lipton’s beverage partnership with GNR band and get people interested in the campaign. The campaign definitely scored by engaging with players even further by utilizing their Facebook presence.

A cursory glance at the GNR India’s Facebook page will give you a view of the number of fans. With over 41k ‘Likes’ on the page, you have a potential goldmine here and the amount of engagement generated would be ‘wowsome’. Just a few snaps of their Bangalore arrival has generated more than 1k likes.

For the Twitter campaign, it’s not everyday that Gul Panag will tweet your hashtag, so when you see this tweet, consider half of your campaign to be a success.

gul panag #joingnr campaignAnd to see the impression the Twitter campaign had created, just see the image below and you will know that the other half of the campaign is successful too.
#joingnr twitter campaign

What I liked about the campaign?

Obviously, the game microsite was a brilliant idea and having a social platform credential in order to leverage the players social reach was surely a winner. I consider Twitter hashtags to be very powerful and to see a brand understand it and leverage it was another brilliant idea. As you saw, the amount of impressions and reach the campaign could generate. The three features that stand out in this campaign are: 1. Gaming Microsite, 2. Facebook Credentials, and 3. Twitter Campaign.

What could be better?

Then again, the folks could have leveraged the social platforms even better and so few things that could have been added to get more people to play and engage.

1. While there were multiple posts about getting to the on Lipton Ice Tea’s own Facebook page, there was only one mention about it on GNR’s Facebook page. More number of posts there could have potentially generated higher engagement. Assuming that the page is managed by a different agency, there had to be some amount of push generated.

2. I did know that it was the ‘coolest’ game but I could never see the leaderboard or winners. A definite push could have been generated if the leaderboard was shared equally on Lipton Ice Tea’s Facebook Page.

While I have no qualms in sharing that I was mighty impressed by the gaming microsite, it’s Facebook connection and Twitter hashtag, some more amount of engaging the fans could have been easily achieved by tweaking the content shares. What do you think?

And, while you read the review and think, I hum away to the tunes of ‘Sweet Child’!