Gujarati Movie ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’ Impresses On Social Media

Article on how Tej SolPro, digital agency from Ahmadabad helped Gujarati movie Kevi Rite Jaish to build it's community on social media.


Kevi Rite Jaish (KRJ), a popular Gujarati movie recently bagged 7 awards out of 8 nominations at the Big Gujarati Entertainment Awards. In addition to this, KRJ had an awesome social media presence created by Tej SolPro.

KRJ is an urban Gujarati feature film that portrays the dream of a young man to go to the US and start a motel. Rest of the movie revolves around the same and since the movie resonates with the younger generation, the producers placed their bet on social media.

KRJ started with a Facebook page in the month of February, 2012 and after intial efforts in the month of May, Tej SolPro a reputed digital agency from Ahmadabad was chosen to give wings to the community. The Facebook page that started with small efforts now has more than 14,000 fans and the page is oozing with stupendous content. But as we all know, it is not an easy task to get a start and Jaydip Parikh, CEO & Founder at Tej SolPro does agree that the initial days are always tricky.

“We joined the party during May when the page had few fans. Our job was to increase the engagement quotient so that we could reach out to more and more Gujarati audience.”

Creating awareness was never an easy job and when you have a very specific target. Jaydip who himself is a Gujarati felt that it was a challenge for his team but their strategy of using Gujarati as the language of conversation paid off well. Sharing about the intial strategies, Jaydip adds,

“For creating awareness we started posting some creative content on fanpage which was liked by our fans and as a result, fans shared it and spread our word out.”

Unhesitantly, Jaydip also shares that his team promoted the page individually which helped in giving the initial kick. In addition to these small tweaks, the agency was hell bound on the content that was vigorously shared on the page. Content is definitely top notch in KRJ since the agency had a razor sharp focus on the content.

Jaydip agreed that content was top priority and focussing on Gujarati’s was the focal area. But the team also made sure that they didn’t go over board but maintained a balance. In addition to this, Jaydip’s team focused also on the timing i.e. not only sharing good content but sharing it at a time when fans would crave for it. To elaborate more Jaydip added that,

“During award night we were updating the Facebook fanpage continuously as we normally witness “Ball by Ball” updates during live cricket matches. The team sitting at the award function was sending me live updates and I was busy making punch lines, images, etc. for fans on the page so that they get the feel of the live event.“

Providing fans with the right content and timing it well  has worked for KRJ but as we know Twitter could have been a better medium of conversation in comparison to Facebook. Jaydip highlighted that Twitter wasn’t that great for KRJ, so they focused on the network that was working well for them.

“We tried with Twitter but we felt that we were getting amazing responses on Facebook. Our targeted audience wasn’t active on Twitter so we focused on Facebook compared to Twitter.”

Social media is  best implemented where your customers are residing and Tej SolPro did what was required. With time, engagement on Facebook kept on increasing as the release date of the movie was inching closer. To spice it up, different kinds of posters were shared and one of the image that was shared on the release date of the movie turned into a viral content on the page. The image which was already popular on the Internet caught up with fans as it was tweaked in Gujarati saying “I am going to watch the movie today.”

kevi rite jaish-josh

I am in awe with the social media presence that Jaydip and his team created for KRJ. As I said I was highly impressed the way the team kept focus on content and every trending discussion in the country was served on the page. The below image might remind you of the famous controversy that happened during the IPL. The best part was that the title of the movie “Kevi Rite Jaish” i.e. which way would you like to go was blended well with the spat.

Kevi Rite Jaish facebook

However we didn’t get a response to the question around media buying on social media. Nevertheless, the movie has got accolades and the agency has done a commendable job.

On a ending note, Jaydip shared with me that  regional movies should give a try to social media and that social networks such as Facebook and YouTube work well.

Definitely regional movies need to be pushed and for that social media could be an ideal medium to reach out to people along with other mediums. And for those who are trying or planning to build a community around a movie then Jaydip has a word of advice.

“Kevi Rite Jaish did lot many path breaking things including Social Media campaign and the hard work has paid. It was houseful movie for four weeks in a row in multiplexes. However I want to emphasize that Social Media won’t make your film a super hit but it can help you to reach out to your audience, listen to their feedback, etc. For making a movie hit your movie should be great not your Social Media campaign.”