YouTube gives creators more control over comments, Growth of programmatic advertising in China

Global digital news of the day - YouTube unveiled new tools that give video creators the ability to fight hate speech and abuse in their comments sections, Programmatic ad buying is growing in China, and more

Wired, with other Conde Nast tech publications, starts a $4,000-a-year-membership program: Condé Nast’s Wired Media Group, consisting of Wired, Ars Technica and Backchannel, is going a step further. It’s launching a membership program for executives who want to stay on the cutting edge of technology. For $4,000 a year, members of the Emerging Technology Council (and up to four of their colleagues) get access to in-person and virtual events where they can hear presentations by tech startups; join a 24/7 online community; receive a newsletter (likely monthly) and other perks.

YouTube gives creators more control over comments: YouTube unveiled new tools Thursday that give video creators the ability to fight hate speech and abuse in their comments sections. The Google-owned video platform first announced plans for the new features at VidCon earlier this year.

Facebook’s plan to break into the workplace is already used by 1,000 businesses: While the tech world was fascinated and freaking out over Microsoft’s new Slack-killer product Teams, Facebook subtly reminded the world that it had some game in this market, too.

L’oréal uses virtual reality to train hairstylists: Virtual reality isn’t all fun and games. It might seem that way since games have the largest share of VR applications, but education and training are coming on strong, according to Fast Company. Case in point: L’Oréal is launching an educational VR program called the Matrix Academy for training stylists.

When I grow up – Vote Wisely: When I Grow Up… is a project that reminds everyone about the importance of voting. On the eve of what many perceive to be the most important election of their lifetimes, a team of people were inspired to unite and create a piece of sharable content that would not just remind Americans about the importance of voting, but also remind them of the Presidents that came before, and the powerful legacies they left behind. “When I Grow Up” points to the Presidents who embodied qualities of true leadership and stood for principles that helped unite us as a nation.

“The Truth” takes aim at ISIS with Global Influence campaign: ISIS (Daesh, ISIL) is slowly being driven from Mosul, Iraq, but the war against radical terrorism is far from over. To help combat the influence of hate, London-based strategic communications firm Global Influence has come up with a campaign aimed at helping those vulnerable to ISIS’s influence and encouraging them to come together to stand up to terror.

The difficulty of driving subscriptions through Apple News: Since September, publishers including The Wall Street Journal, the Economist, National Geographic and the Radio Times have been using Apple News’ subscribe feature. The service lets publishers sell subscriptions from within Apple News, with Apple taking a 30 percent cut of subscriptions it drives. Before the service, Apple frustrated publishers by driving traffic but not much in the way of revenue. Still, there’s little evidence yet that the new Apple News subscription offering is driving much revenue either.

5 charts on the growth of programmatic advertising in China: Programmatic ad buying is growing in China, if a series of recent ad tech deals from Chinese buyers is any indication. This “will be the first year in which programmatic ad spending represents over half of digital display ad investment in China,” analyst Andria Cheng wrote in a recent eMarketer report. “By 2018, it will grow to more than three-fifths of such spending.”