Grofers bets big on quirky illustrations on Instagram

The hyperlocal delivery app believes in creating exclusive content for Instagram where things need to be aesthetically beautiful, that's how it came up with Grofers Twist, a quirky blend of real life objects and illustrations


Groceries and fruits & vegetables are very mundane categories, but nobody ever said the category cannot be exciting. Quirky illustrations around these everyday items can be so much fun. Case in point is the Grofers Instagram feed – it is cheerful, fun and full of twist, the ‘Grofers Twist’.

For the startup that offers quick delivery of groceries, fruits & vegetables, bakery items, cosmetics, electronics and more, Instagram offers a potentially strong visual playground to tell its story with a twist.

This World Chicken Day (ironically not a day dedicated for the awareness or conservation of chickens!), the Grofers Twist made for a visual treat on Instagram with a quick ‘chicken do pyaaza’ illustration featuring a perfectly shaped onion.

This ‘World Students Day’, a day marked in honour of thinker, scientist and former President APJ Abdul Kalam’s birthday, October 15, Grofers rolled out another clever visual. Whoever thought about a double pencil sharpener becoming the face of a teacher. Or for that matter, an avocado playing the lead role in a peacock feather on Janmasthami!

That, however, does not mean Grofers Twist only gets rolling on calendar events. It’s on a roll every day of the year. Grofers’ Instagram feed doesn’t resemble that of a typical hyperlocal delivery app. Lemon grass can become a calligrapher’s tool for some ‘Cali-grassy’, and then there are ‘Sprout swans’ and ‘Bean humans’ too.

The Grofers Twist is exclusive content churned out specifically as part of its brand building exercise on Instagram. Initially, Grofers was adapting its Facebook and Twitter campaigns on Instagram. But after the design team was formulated, the brand decided to brainstorm on a fresh new campaign idea, exclusive for Instagram, taking into account the specifics of the medium. “Instagram is definitely a more visual platform where the audience is young and they are looking for things which are aesthetically more beautiful,” shared Grofers’ AVP Design Head, Zahid Shaikh.

The idea behind these quirky illustrations is to make these everyday things look more exciting. “Keeping in mind that Instagram as a medium is very exciting, first we defined the problem area with our category. Groceries and fruits & vegetables are very mundane categories. So the task at hand was to make these everyday things look more exciting.”

After having studied several brands on Instagram, the team realized that it needed a strategy that will break the clutter on Instagram. That’s how the idea of Grofers Twist was born. A look at the most common things with a fun, quirky lens. “For the execution we married real life objects with illustrations which worked perfectly for us. The designs are consistent and relatable on a day-to-day basis, making them interactive and share-worthy,” he added.

The display of minimalistic designs and simple layouts were aimed to visually delight followers. “We followed a simple design style for the Grofers Twist, we chose different products available on the Grofers app, weaved a story around it and added a little twist to it. We also looked at special occasions, calendar events and planned creatives around it,” he said about the process of execution.

We’ve made around 500 designs, out of which only the best designs made it to our Instagram page. This series has more than 150 designs on our page.

Some of its key Instagram posts have done very well when adapted for other platforms, too.

Last year when Instagram opened its platform for businesses and rolled out advertising solutions, Grofers was  among the first few brands in India, among P&G India, Nestlé India, Paper Boat, TrulyMadly and Sportskeeda. to invest in ads on Instagram. The ad campaign received great results and went ahead to become a case study for the platform; it was featured by Instagram at their official launch event for India.

“By using Instagram to raise awareness of the brand among new users, we saw an 8% incremental reach towards our core target audience and significant improvements in cost efficiency, with a 50% lower cost-per-install of the app compared to campaigns on other platforms,” he revealed.

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For the hyperlocal delivery app, success on Instagram maybe defined by the likes, comments, reposts and the increase in followers, but Shaikh believes that, “success is also defined by how much our brand gets talked about. And this campaign has definitely got us a lot of eyeballs and chatter!” For instance, the ‘Pasta Queen’ sparks a range of emotions among pasta lovers: “Good stuff”, “Adorable one”, “Awesome’, and a smile emoji that need not say any more.

Instagram Stories is the next thing on its checklist. The hyperlocal delivery app is planning to tap into Stories for its future campaigns. And that makes sense – Instagram recently revealed that one-third of its 300 million daily users interact with Stories every day, which is 100 million users of Stories. It would be interesting to watch Grofers’ Instagram Stories.