Find Out How This Digital Agency Encourages Employee Creativity

Grey Group India is putting up its employee’s personal artwork on display in its Mumbai office, to showcase its employees creative work and encourage creativity

Finding and retaining talent in a digital agency is as challenging as encouraging them beyond regular work. “In our regular job we don’t get enough time to nurture our personal creative interests. Getting to know what my colleagues are good at apart from their work is tough,” said Lakshyya Mahalwal while talking to Lighthouse Insights.

Lakshyya who is a Creative Supervisor-Art at Grey Group has finally found a way to nurture her hobby of building amazing clay models -thanks to Grey Infocell, the agency’s information and knowledge resource centre, which has been running an exhibition called ‘Project Gallery’, a pop-up presentation of creative work by the employees at Grey.

Grey Digital India

“We have seen our designers doodle between design jobs and put them up on the pin-up boards in their work areas. A little digging revealed that almost all of them are artists of their own accord. We thought it will be interesting to put up their work somewhere for everyone to see. That’s when we came up with the idea of ‘Project Gallery’,” informed Vijaya Menon, Head at Grey Infocell.

Over the last few days Project Gallery has seen various kinds of artworks – acrylic on canvas, watercolour paintings, pencil sketches, clay models, travel, candid wedding and wildlife photographs, and paper cut art among others. Also on display is a book from one of the employees who is also an art curator.

Grey Digital Project Gallery

The objective of this interesting project is to showcase the creative side of people at GREY group in the hope that others appreciate the talent within and collaborate to create interesting work for its clients.

In fact Lakshyya informed that it was due to this initiative that she got the opportunity to witness amazing doodling work by a copy guy and Hari Chakyar’s love for paper cut art. Hari, Creative Supervisor at Grey shared that this is a much needed initiative and needs to be done more.

Grey Digital Project Gallery

The exhibition that is open to all employees, stakeholders and guests has also received a great response. The agency had put up three comment sheets for people to write their messages, which are almost full now. Some employees will have to wait to showcase their work at Project Gallery.

Going further Hari feels that these art works should be implemented and exposed to a wider audience. Looks like the agency is already listening to its employees. “We definitely want to take this ahead and do it on a bigger scale. This has given the agency a great opportunity to find out new talent which we plan to take up to our clients and if possible execute them,” conformed the Head at Grey Infocell.