Greenply Seeks To Be The Category Leader With #AskGreenply

Plywood maker, Greenply has launched its integrated campaign #AskGreenply, where the brand is encouraging designers, end users to ask questions on plywood


Plywood has become an essential part of modern living with plywood and its associated by-products being used increasingly as part of modular kitchens, wooden interiors and more. The rise in improved lifestyles has led to a growth in potentially young customers looking for complete understanding of the various types of plywood on offer. This has led a plywood brand to change its positioning.

Plywood maker Greenply Industries is looking to be the experts in plywood through its new campaign ‘Ask Greenply’. It is encouraging end users to ask questions on plywood so that they would be able to take informed decisions. ‘Ask Greenply’ marks the plywood brand’s shift in communication from the 20-year-old ‘durability’ and ‘strength’ proposition to catering to today’s generation of knowledgeable customers.

The integrated campaign will be run across TV, print, retail and digital, while the backend has been developed to cater to customer queries: a new call-centre, a new site and several product videos that demystify products. “Ask Greenply will give birth to a new breed of demanding & educated customers which will positively impact the overall category,” Kamal K Mishra, Associate VP & Head Marketing at Greenply Industries, said in a company statement.

At the heart of this campaign are three TVCs titled ‘Nayi Maa’, ‘Dhongi Baba’ and ‘The Couple’ created by Ogilvy & Mather, Kolkata. The hilarious ads say nothing about Greenply plywood, instead they encourage viewers to ask their plywood related questions.

In the TVC titled ‘Couple’, a husband is left dumbstruck when his overweight wife asks him whether she’s looking fat in that dress. A voiceover plugs in the ‘Ask Greenply’ in that awkward moment.


‘Dhongi Baba’ tells the story of a godman who gets caught red-handed having a piece of chicken and does not know what to say when he is questioned by two of followers. The voiceover gets to work. In ‘Nayi Maa’, an old man brings home his newly wedded wife and is unable to answer his son why he remarried, the son is seen offering prayers to his deceased mother.

Greenply’s social media platforms have been put to good use to boost views of the TVCs. The brand is asking people to watch through all the three TVCs to hunt for an annotation, and stand a chance to win merchandise (we couldn’t find the annotation as stated by the brand in 3rd TVC).

Building category expertise

Greenply is a trusted name in the plywood space in India. The brand can now let go its earlier proposition of quality and begin to reach out to the new age consumer and his ever aspirational lifestyle needs. Building a call centre and catering to consumer queries on phone and online might just be the right differentiation the brand is looking for in its aim to be the category leader.

The social media activities carried around the TVCs have been purely designed to boost views for the TVCs and raise awareness about the call centre. However, going further, the brand could do with driving the social media users to the new website. For now, there has been ample social buzz around #AskGreenply.