Great Indian Picture Contest By Infinium Toyota

Great Indian Picture Contest By Infinium Toyota with it's social media partner Odigma was a week long campaign. Now it is competing in the Facebook Studios. Will you vote for it?

“Facebook is all about pictures,” since Facebook is a social network. As humans we tend to love the smiley colorful pictures and I have often seen brands trying to tap into this emotion. Infinium Toyota and its social media agency Odigma went one step further and created the ‘Great Indian Picture Contest’, a campaign that is now a part of Facebook Studio where it is competing with other agencies and marketers that are driving business growth with real conversations and creating engagement on Facebook.


So Why and What is the Great Indian Picture Contest

The objective or the Why was to promote the Toyota dealer in Ahmadabad with a mix of both online as well as offline initiatives. Within a week’s time period a 360-degree campaign was derived and it led to the evolution of the ‘Great Indian Picture contest’ for fans.

The buzz being created


The campaign had a simple idea of inviting people to come along to malls, schools, colleges, etc., click pictures with the beautiful Toyota cars, upload them via the custom built Facebook app on the fan page and finally share among friends to gather maximum votes for it. Along with this the campaign focused on asking contest questions via live video and it was possible to answer them via the Facebook fan page. The campaign also made sure it had attractive goodies. A round trip ticket for US was awarded to the winner and the second prize was a chauffeur driven car for one week in Ahmadabad city.

Winners 🙂


The campaign was not only good on papers but also did a great job in achieving its objective of creating awareness and positive word of mouth about the brand among the Ahmadabadis.  Some vital numbers are as follows:

  • Over 1500 participants and an additional 35,000 new Facebook fans were generated in a weeks contest.
  • Over 20,000 votes were created for the pictures in just one week.
  • Over hundreds of leads were generated who were interested in buying the car.


I like this campaign for these reasons:

1.  Capturing the common social behavior of people on Facebook that is sharing and liking their friend’s pictures.

2. The Facebook apps were not designed for geeks; they were simple and easy to understand by fans.

3.  Positive word of mouth was generated by fans without any intervention from the marketing team.

4.  Connecting the offline and online world was one of the highlights of this campaign. No one would prefer to buy a car online but such interesting campaigns will drive people to find about it.

5. Finally targeting people mostly youngsters in all the common places such as schools, colleges, malls, cinema halls, etc. was a great move in such a short campaign duration.


The campaign surely did create an amazing amount of buzz considering the short span. However it would have been great if Toyota could have built an app where it could collect all the images and showcase them as a Hall of Image to fans.

So will you vote for this campaign in Facebook Studio and if you want to, then just click here. And if you are not interested then let us know where the campaign falls short in connecting with the fans?