Grant’s Hunts For India Brand Ambassador Via #TheAwesomeJob But You Can’t Apply For It

Grant's India has launched #TheAwesomeJob campaign to find its India Brand Ambassador, where only friends can nominate you and help you make it through various stages and shortlists


Premium whisky maker, William Grant & Sons is eyeing emerging markets as part of its strategic vision and India just fits the bill. Most popular for its blended scotch brand Grant’s, the company is set to introduce three more brands — Monkey Shoulder, Tullamore Dew and Sailor Jerry — from its global portfolio in the next two to three years in India.

The whisky market in India is at around 200 million cases, of which imported whiskey market stands at around 2 million cases, informed General Manager, James Pennefather. The company has set a target to achieve 20 percent of the imported whisky market in India by 2025.

Along with the usual sales and marketing, the whiskey brand is out on a unique mission in India that also blends the company’s ideology of ‘Stand together’.

Grant’s is on the hunt for Grant’s India Brand Ambassador through ‘The Awesome Job’ that you can’t apply for. Indeed, it’s your friends who will have to stand together with you through various stages and shortlists, for you to be the chosen one.

In essence, you can’t get this awesome job if you don’t celebrate togetherness. Shweta Jain, Indian marketing head, said, in a company statement, “The Grant’s way says that when the right people stand together, great things happen. It’s actually the Grant’s way to activate friendships towards shared success.”

Here’s a video intro to the awesome job:


The job description is not just being the face of the brand but also entails responsibilities like studying emerging trends and market insights, evaluating competitive activity and making suggestions for growth, creating memorable interactions with key influencers, trade partners and more. The Grant’s India Brand Ambassador will have a real salary in the range of INR 10 to 15 lakhs per annum.

Applications are on at the microsite for ‘TheAwesomeJob’ as well as on the Facebook app of Grant’s India. You can nominate your friends, or find three friends to nominate you. Once your profile is set up, get as many votes as you can because profiles with the maximum votes get shortlisted to the interview round.

If you get The Awesome Job, all three of them travel to Scotland with you. The leaderboard lists the top ten applicants and their votes counter.

Grant’s India has been leveraging social media to create all the buzz on #TheAwesomeJob. The brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages are highlighting the top applicants with interesting visuals, while inviting people to nominate for the awesome job.

Brings alive brand ideology

The concept of #TheAwesomeJob campaign totally reflects Grant’s ideology of ‘Stand Together’ where no achievement is big enough unless shared, and that each person owes his or her success to someone. Moreover, it helps create some awesome buzz in Indian youth as the one most fit for the job of brand ambassador can hope to make it through fair play (provided the leader board is not hacked by social media contest players), rather than Grant’s India brand ambassador being chosen from the celebrity crowd. This is certainly a cool launch for its India debut.

Alcohol brands hunting for ambassadors from the social media isn’t new. In 2011, Sab Miller, during the launch of Miller High Life beer in India, recruited qualified individuals from social media, who embodied and endorsed the spirit of the brand – Work Hard, Party Hard.

In 2013, during the UEFA Champions League Finals, premium beer brand Heineken conducted its global campaign, The Candidate. The attempt was to recruit an intern for its Event & Sponsorship Marketing team. The campaign had an Indian leg to it, where a social media reporter was selected from 400 applicants to watch the game and share the entire experience on the brand’s social media channels.

Grant’s hunt for an India ambassador is a natural progression. Armed with a microsite, a Facebook app, content pieces being shared on social media and a cool quotient, ‘The Awesome Job’ is all set to find the right person to build brand advocacy in India, as well as bring alive brand ideology.