How Gozoop’s #IAmGreenArmy helped Mahindra Lifespaces associate with sustainability and greener living

Case study by Gozoop for Mahindra Lifespaces aimed towards creating a brand recall associated with the principle of ‘Sustainability’, submitted under the category: ‘Best Social Cause’ for LI Digital Awards 2017

The Client

Mahindra Lifespaces is the real estate and infrastructure development arm of the Mahindra Group. Mahindra Lifespaces has been at the forefront of transforming urban landscapes by creating sustainable communities and is India’s first Green Homes developer. With this philosophy deeply engrained, they espouse Green Design and Healthy Living as the foundations of all their projects. One of the first companies to receive the Platinum rated green homes pre-certification from IGBC, today all their residential projects are pre-certified green buildings by IGBC.

The Agency

Gozoop is a digital first creative agency, a digital performance agency, a digital activation agency, a digital innovation lab and a digital video studio. We work for brands to create online presence with insights, strategy, storytelling, digital products and integrated experiences on mobile & web, increase sales from social media, enhance engagement and boost campaign participation. All that, so your business can succeed in the digital age.

Problem Statement

Mahindra Lifespaces abides by four pillars of ‘Quality, Transparency, Sustainability and Joyful Homecomings’. The idea for the campaign had to be based on these pillars. The campaign had to reflect the pillar of Sustainability in all aspects.

Identified Objectives

Creating a brand recall associated with the principle of ‘Sustainability’. Sustainability as the brand principle comprises of ‘People, Planet & Profits’. An activity that creates a strong connect with the target audience towards the brands message for a greener future & at the same time an activity which drives user engagement online towards realizing these goals.

A widespread campaign around one of their core pillars of Sustainability, with which the brand can reach out to over 1 million people online at the same time engage them with the brands vision.

The Strategy/Execution

The campaign had to be an embodiment of the 3 elements of Sustainability. The idea was to establish the fact that how MLDL as a brand is strongly associated with the thought of a greener future and as a Real estate company it is one of the first to undertake a campaign of this magnitude.

The campaign was planned around Christmas & keeping children in mind who were one of the core audiences for this campaign.

A key thought that was taken into consideration while crafting this campaign was the thought of ‘creating a better, greener future’. To ensure this, workshops in schools was conducted which was aimed at inspiring young minds who will lead the future.

For the workshops we created an education module and reach out program for school kids on areas of sustainable living. We build in role of change agents for children to carry message of sustainable living habits back home. This was initiated to bring about a behavioral transformation in the lifestyle of the participants as well as their friends and family.

An online campaign called #IAmGreenArmy further attracted participation and engagement online. As a part of imparting the message of greener future, an activity was designed for social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter, where people can share pictures of themselves wearing green or a green background.


Additionally, ‘Green Santa’ contributed to the campaign by sharing 1000 saplings to the residents of Mumbai during Christmas thereby making a stronger impact.


#IAmGreenArmy thoughts were in sync with people’s willingness to contribute & we surpassed the goals on Facebook & Twitter with the activity trending in various different states for more than 3 hours.

  • We recorded around 3934 tweets with 940 Retweets & 2089 mentions with a reach of 4.5 million overall during the campaign on Twitter.
  • Facebook witnessed 652 comments and an engagement rate of 10.14% with an overall reach of 3.6 million.
  • The idea of contributing or pledging towards a greener environment was a thought which was well received by the target audience & resonated well with them enabling the response thus.


Since the online activity was simple to execute in nature, we saw a great number of participation from the target audience. Also the topic was more about taking a step towards a sustainable future, which was something most of us relate with.

For a sustainable & a greener future, efforts must be taken in the right direction to reach out to the right target audience who will lead the future which is kids. It was important to impart them with the right knowledge & create the necessary awareness for everyone.

The buzz generated as a result was sufficient to get picked up by many P.R. sites. MLDL was one of the few real estate brands from India which was quite instrumental when it came to undertaking campaigns on the principle of sustainability.

Here’s the case study video: