How Gozoop’s #NoPlaceLikeHome helped associate an emotional bond between Asian Paints and home owners

Case study by GoZoop & Asian Paints on building an emotional bond with home owners using storytelling, submitted under the category: 'Best Brand Building (B2C)' for LI Digital Awards 2017

Asian-Paints-NoPlaceLikeHome feature

The Client

Since its foundation in 1942, Asian Paints has come a long way to become India’s leading and Asia’s fourth largest paint company. As one of the largest Indian paint company & manufacturers, offering a wide range of painting & waterproofing solutions for homes, offices & more.

The Agency

Gozoop Online Pvt.Ltd is a Global Digital Marketing Services Company with over 220+ passionate digital intrapreneurs, serving over 80+ of the world’s top brands. We work for brands to create online presence with insights, strategy, storytelling, digital products and integrated experiences on mobile and web. All that, so the clients business can succeed in the digital age.

Problem Statement

Increase user engagement and brand recall during the festive season. Because painting the home is something which is usually undertaken at this time, we wanted to capitalise on the occasion, urging customers towards Asian Paints as the brand of choice.

Showcase a paint company and make it culturally relevant. This necessitates focusing not on the product or service itself but the emotional results that it leads to – a beautiful home.

Usually, at Asian Paints we target our marketing efforts online towards a primarily female audience aged between 25-45 years. This time we needed an inclusive campaign that connected to both men and women, because during the festive season, choosing to paint or redecorate the home becomes a largely family driven decision.

Identified Objectives

  • To craft an emotional bond between the home and its residents.
  • To position the home as an emotional symbol for men and women.
  • Drive consumers towards Asian Paints as their paint brand of choice
  • Develop a deep association between the brand, the home and its residents.

The Strategy/Execution

The Big Idea:

As India’s largest brand of paints and finishes, we crafted a campaign around the idea “No Place Like Home”.

The trend of traveling has taken the world by storm and most individuals aspire to travel to unexplored destinations. We needed to counter this by romanticising the home as the place one comes back to; a space that is full of love and memories.

Irrespective of age or profession, one’s feeling for their home is special.

We wanted to tell our audience that the whimsy of wander is beautiful but so is the joy found at home. We decided to leverage the power of storytelling in a content marketing exercise to drive home our key messaging.


According to Social Bakers, videos garner 135% higher organic reach than pictures. This is why videos were the vehicle of choice for this campaign.

Usually home decor brands largely depend on traditional TVCs to market their brand identity and vast product range. In order to combat this predominant trend we conceptualized the campaign as a series of digital videos that didn’t specifically talk about the brand or its products at all. Instead the videos were emotion driven, and concept heavy, designed to connect with the audience and bring to their fore the deep relationship between a person and their home.

They were two unique stories that used narratives to elucidate this relationship, which changed the paradigm for home décor marketing. This is why we brought to light the stories of Harsh, a travel photographer and Meha a freelance copywriter.

Execution: The campaign was executed in two phases, followed by a finale that tied both the phases together.

PHASE 1: TEASER PHASE: We released short videos that contained glimpses from the main video, pre-release.

LAUNCH: We launched the first video titled ‘Chaar Diwari’— the story of Harsh a travel photographer who is back home from a long assignment abroad and is cherishing the nostalgia that greets him once he is back within the four walls of his home.

a) Content Marketing: With storytelling as the thread binding together the campaign, we shared micro tales using GIFs across social channels. Each tale highlighted the deep (often undermined) connection between the home and its resident. The stories were devised to re-enforce the key themes of the video, positioning the brand as one that cares deeply of the home as a space where life plays out in all its glory.

b) Contests: We asked users to tell us why there was No Place like Home and the best entries were illustrated on both Facebook & Twitter and shared with the participants. On Instagram, to create added buzz around the theme, we asked participants to share images of their favorite spaces in their homes. Capitalising on UGC content allowed us to showcase exactly how the brand has tapped into the sentiments of the user base.


c) Influencer Marketing:

Instagram Stories: We had décor blogger Rukmini (From Trumatter) take over the Instagram story for a day and share the stories behind the favorite spaces in her home. This allowed us to introduce a fresh voice and perspective to the brand narrative, bringing in new followers and tapping in to a wider audience.

Blogger Affiliations: We had 4 Travel bloggers who related to the video, shared posts about their perspective of how’s there’s no place like home, on their own blogs. Choosing travel bloggers highlighted our main idea which is that no matter where you travel to, there is no place like home.

POST LAUNCH: Post the promotion of the first video, we teased the audience for the second video through Facebook slideshare ads that gave the audiences an insight into Harsh’s life while asking them to stay tuned for yet another story. This allowed us to build excitement and peak anticipation in the build up to the launch of the second story.

PHASE 2: TEASER PHASE: We teased the Twitter audience with a Tweet-to-unlock activity. With a lucrative copy, we asked the audience to tweet using #NoPlaceLikeHome. With 19,460 tweets and 11,56,901 impressions, we decided to launch the video. Such an activity ensured that the second video released to heightened anticipation amongst the audience, allowing the excitement to snowball and culminate in a grand reveal.

LAUNCH: The next digital film titled ‘Jaha Khwab Rehte Hain’ brought to light the story of Meha, a work-from-home copywriter, who is struggling to complete her new assignment that needs her to explore what her home means for her. Eventually she realizes that her home is the answer to all her questions, it is a space where her dreams are born. The story is one that is familiar to most people and allows audiences to tap into their own emotions regarding the space they call home.

a) Content Marketing: We shared micro tales using GIFs across social channels. Each tale highlighted the deep connection between the home and its resident. The stories allowed us to reify the key themes of the video, and leverage the brand’s position as one that cares deeply of the spaces that people inhabit.

b) Contests: On Facebook & Twitter, we asked users to complete the statement “Dear Home…” On Instagram, we asked participants to share images of spaces in their home that inspire them.  This was a different take on the same idea as used in phase I. It enabled us to capitalize and drive UGC, ensuring the brand stays central to audience’s narrative.

c) Influencer Marketing:

Instagram Stories: We had décor blogger Rukmini (From Trumatter) take over the Instagram story for a day whereby she was sharing the spaces in her home which inspire her. Leveraging the unique voice of a blogger allows us to speak to our audience in a language of familiarity and friendliness, letting us reach out to a wider audience.

Blogger Affiliations: There were 4 Home Décor bloggers who related to the video and shared blogs about their perspective of how’s there’s no place like home. This allowed us to reach out to a wider audience base, one that is traditionally beyond our reach yet relevant to the brand itself.


Both the videos culminated in slideshare ads on Facebook, which, in turn, helped us blend the essence of both the videos into a beautiful piece. The ad showed that no matter how different the people are, the emotion attached to one’s home remains the same; amplifying the effects of the two original videos.


  • The digital films received a whopping 5.5 Lakh+ viewership across all platforms!
  • #NoPlaceLikeHome trended in India and Mumbai for over 6 hours on the 25th of Oct, 2016.
  • Impressions on the #NoPlaceLikeHome on Twitter during the campaign crossed 9.2 million!
  • Over 2.8 Million Unique accounts were reached throughout the campaign.
  • Total Engagement during the campaign crossed over 1.3 Lakh
  • The campaign was organically featured in Afaqs, Adgully, and Advertising Age among other digital media websites.
  • The impact of the videos was phenomenal and we succeeded in improving Asian Paints’ average page engagement from 3-4% to 6.32%!
  • Total Impressions during the Influencer Marketing activities were over 5 lakh.


Before the No Place Like Home campaign, the marketing efforts by Asian Paints were mainly skewered towards the female audience, by challenging this norm and roping in promotions for the male audience the overall engagement of the social media platforms increased significantly. This observation will lead us to craft more campaigns in future that are not gender biased.

Emotions are of prime importance. Both the videos launched, were strong in terms of story-telling without depending on any product promotion activity. It helped us solidify the stature that Asian Paints commands in the paint sector without riding on any specific product being promoted.