The Gorilla Organisation’s Videos Convince Us Gorillas Need all the Friends They Can Get

The Gorilla Organisation has teamed up with conservationist Bill Oldie for a video series featuring Toby the gorilla and Bill as Sir Hilary, where the duo play chess, piano and more

the gorilla org tobyandhilary

The Gorilla Organisation has rolled out an amazing series of gorilla videos that will surely make you want to be friends with them. The British not-for-profit organisation, for more than two decades, has worked to save the world’s last remaining gorillas in the wild from extinction, carrying on through genocide, natural disasters and war.

Its innovative and award-winning projects in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo are supported by its massive fundraising projects, one of which is ‘The Great Gorilla Run’. Held every year since 2003, ‘The Great Gorilla Run’ sees hundreds of people dressed as gorillas running, jogging or walking 8km through the city of London, raising money to help save a species on the edge of extinction. One can also adopt a gorilla at £3 a month.

This time, the not-for-profit organisation, in partnership with Earl Productions, has launched an awesome storytelling campaign called “Gorillas Need all the Friends They Can Get”.

The campaign also sees naturalist, conservationist and TV presenter, Bill Oldie as Sir Hilary in conversation with Toby the Virungan silverback gorilla. The happy duo are seen playing the piano, chess, reading Moby Dick, in a series of videos.


Watch the two are enjoying a game of snap:


Watch the two enjoying a game of chess:


Sir Hilary is reading Moby Dick, but looks like Toby isn’t really interested in a whale after all!


The organisation’s Twitter handle and associated Twitter handles have been promoting these videos along with the ways in which people can join in the efforts to preserve gorillas. A glance through the hashtag #TobyandHilary gets you little bits from the story.

Nothing brings forth the idea that we can also be friends with a gorilla, than “Gorillas Need all the Friends They Can Get” video series. Roping in a conservationist like Bill Oldie and showcasing his sweet friendship with Toby, the gorilla is a good approach in digital storytelling. In addition to being a share-worthy video by virtue of featuring an intelligent animal, it beautifully drives home the point that losing these gorillas is as good as losing a dear friend.

“Gorillas Need all the Friends They Can Get” is moving, smartly executed and drives the required call-to-action.