Google Plus Events Changes The Way We Look At Events

Google Plus launches Events and changes the way we look at events, giving a stiff competition to Facebook events

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This year’s Google I/O has been special for quite a few reasons. If it was the opening keynote that blew the minds of participants then later it was the launch of “Events” in Google Plus. Google Plus, which has often been slow and termed as a dead network, introduced a brilliant feature that can change how we look at events. It also goes without saying that at present it is giving a stiff competition to Facebook events.

How does Google Plus Events Work?

Google Plus has rolled out Events but if you are not able to see in the side bar along with Home, Profile, etc. then you might have to wait for some time. You can create an event from the status bar or just click on the sections “Events” to create a new event.

Google Plus Events
Creating a new event

You have some beautiful themes to select along with the event details while creating a new event. Creating events is simple and synching with Google Calendar is an added feature. That’s all you need to do before an event happens but while the event is ongoing, there is a service called “Party Mode” which makes the Events a spectacular feature. Party Mode takes all photos and videos that one is shooting during the event and uploads them to the event page. This feature has been updated to the Android app so if everyone is using this feature present in the event then all his or her photos and videos are uploaded too. In addition to this, you can also pull up all the photos from the events page on a big screen and watch it live while the event is going on as it has a slideshow feature. Google Plus Events also takes care of the sorting of the images depending on who photographed it and also places an image at the top if it has got maximum +1’s.

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If all this are the features that Google Plus Events is providing during the event then see what one can do after the event. Every one will also get a reminder to upload photos after the event. All the invitees will have a folder to add photos and finally the images will not only get sorted chronologically but also get facetagged!

How will Google Plus Events change the way we look at events?

I am quite confident that Google Plus Events will change the way have been looking at online events till day. The reasons I’m saying so are the following:

1. Simple and creative add-ons like themes to be added to the event. The event becomes an entire page of images and related conversations.

2. Making the event in “On Air” mode is a feature that allows anybody to be a part of the event. This could be a great feature for concerts and conferences in future.

3. “Party Mode” feature makes the offline event as a live online event. Generally, we have seen how much we have to wait for event images but Party Mode allows you real time updates from all the participants. It’s also great for people who have missed the event as they can see as the event as it happens online.

4. No more hankering around people for snaps and videos after the event. All invitees to the event who have not yet uploaded images will get email reminders to upload them.

5. No more sorting issues as Google Plus does it for you and even facetags people who were part of the event!

6. Syncing with Google Calendar is a brilliant feature and by doing this it has reduced the chances of missing any updates about the event.

7. Finally, Google Plus has erased the time gap between offline and online with Events.

Is it giving a stiff competition to Facebook events?

Till date we have created an online event page just before the event happens and then forget about it. May be after the event we may upload snaps of the event a day later. This is how online events have worked for us and the same is true for Facebook events. However, Google Plus has made events more real-time and by providing feature such as On Air and Party Mode, it is going to give a stiff competition to the Facebook events.

Facebook events right now is poor in terms of features and the biggest problem is that people miss updates about the event too. I believe this is the first time that Google Plus has given some food for thought to Facebook!

I wish Google Plus Events had launched this feature while it had launched the network but with time you learn the missing gaps. It is refreshing to see how social networks can emulate real life behavior. I am quite excited by Google Plus Events and it has given me a reason to look at the network again.

So next time are you going to give a try to Google Plus Events for celebrating some events in your life?