Google For Lenovo Vibe S1 And Find The Fun In The Text Ads

Lenovo is about to launch Vibe S1 it's new smartphone. To promote the phone, the brand is running funny textual ads when you search any major smartphone on Google

I own a smartphone which is straight out of the dinosaur age. I’m not exaggerating but in the times when people are talking whether the new smartphone will have an Android Marshmallow, my phone has a Jellybean.

After saving some money this Diwali, I finally decided to give myself an upgrade and look for a phone with better specs, battery and camera. I know a good smartphone is a myth leaving the iPhones out of this discussion but I decided to zero down on One Plus 2 or Huewei Honor7. For the last few days I have done enough search, read almost all reviews from blogs to ecommerce forums and seen several video reviews.

Today again I did a small search to find out any more reviews that are comparing both the smartphones. Besides I was recently told by a mobile blogger than even the Mi 4 is a good bet; now this made my decision making tough. So there began my new search but I discovered something interesting while scrolling through the search results, see below screen grab:


Did you see the content in the highlighted box? An ambush marketing strategy from Lenovo like Samsung had done during the latest iPhone 6S release. But here the content of the text ad is humorous. This one is for the Honor:


I made another search for OnePlus one and again with the search results I got a similar ad informing about Vibe S1.


I made a final search to be fully confirmed about the funny marketing stunt by Lenovo for the Vibe S1. Intrigued, I searched for what is Vibe S1 all about and this is what I get:

Lenovo Vibe S1

The funny textual ads made it clear that Lenovo is about to launch a new smartphone and this is one of its ways to create buzz while people search for smartphones on Google.

Tap on the ad and you are taken to a portal that gives the look of a new smartphone offering from the house of Lenovo. You can browse some snaps of the new device, videos and read the tech specs of the coming soon device.

Even the social media accounts of Lenovo have started sharing coming soon updates of Vibe S1 which is being tagged as a masterpiece.

Must say “Well played Lenovo with good old text ads!” While we’ve become social media savvy for all our needs, googling a product is mandatory when we want to buy something. Lenovo strikes at the right time whenever someone searches for a smartphone, the funny content is bound to trigger a click on the ad.

Adding humor isn’t that bad. While we find out what more is in store on the digital side for Vibe S1, do share if you come across any more funny text ads on web or mobile from Lenovo. A latest update from Gadgets 360 states that Lenovo has sent invites for the launch of its Vibe S1 smartphone in India on Monday. The company is holding an event in New Delhi to launch the smartphone. Looks like I can put my smartphone search on hold for now.