Google Introduces Commenting Platform To Push Google Plus

by Prasant on March 28, 2022


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Google is all set to launch it’s new commenting system. In doing so, it joins the ranks of commenting platforms like Facebook Comments, Disqus, Livefyre which are already dominant players in the market. Google had revealed this news along with several other new features at the G-Saudi Arabia event as reported by Tech-WD blogger Saud Al-Hawawi and also reported by The Next Web.

This is definitely great news for all the Google lovers and a definite push to its social network Google Plus. Third party commenting systems are a must these days for the extra features they provide but the space is more or less dominated by Facebook and Disqus. Facebook, which had launched it’s commenting platform earlier, did so with an objective to drive conversations to its platform and also to drive engagement from other users at the same time. However, with Facebook comments system, you are no more anonymous which a lot of people prefer to be  when they are on the web and thus commenting platforms like Disqus, Livefyre come into the picture. Commenting platforms like Disqus, Livefyre are just not only commenting platforms but also act as a complete dashboard with several ways to log in and track your activities too.

It needs to be seen what Google has to offer but one thing is certain that it is going to tie the commenting platform with it’s Google Plus network. It is following the same thought process of Facebook and is hoping that people will log in to its new commenting platform and drive more activity on the Google Plus page.

Along with this, Google has also announced that it would be introducing vanity URL’s for Google Plus, which has been expected from Google for a while now. Nevertheless, vanity URL service is already being provided by third-party apps.

Considering the growing number of Google Plus users in India, the commenting platform is sure to catalyze this growth further. Of late Google India has been pushing tremendously so that users actively engage on Google Plus instead of Facebook. Last year it tied up with King Khan during the release of Ra. One and Don 2. Carrying the association with Bollywood further, it has now partnered with the team of Aashiqui 2 for hunting the lead pair via social media.

However, what impact Google creates with the introduction of its own commenting platform is to be watched. I have never doubted the potential  of Google or Google Plus but introducing features after killing the initial excitement is strange. For instance, there has been no upgrade in features for Google Plus brand pages following its launch. Whereas Facebook has come up with an amazing upgrade to its new brand page with timeline.

I am keen to wait and watch how this latest development by Google shapes up, but for the time being I am quite happy with Disqus.


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  • Vinesh Balan

    Ah! Would be a tough choice to make between Facebook Comments, Disqus and Google Comments. Guess I’ll have to ditch Disqus :(

  • Vijay S Paul

    I agree with you on the last statement. For me its Disqus for now. Only something really ‘Awesome’ would make me want to change to Google comments in future. Lets wait and watch.

    Like Newton said, a body tends to remain in the same state unless and until acted upon by an external force ;)

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