Google In Talks With DTH Providers In The Country To Bring YouTube On Indian Television

Google is in talks with direct-to-home cable providers to bring YouTube to Indian televisions screens, its global director of platform partnerships, Francisco Varela, said.

YouTube On Indian DTV Television

TV is a dominant medium and internet infrastructure is still a problem in India. To attack the pertinent problems and at the same time create awareness for Google’s social video network YouTube, the company is in talks with direct-to-home cable providers to bring the service to televisions screens, shares NBW.

YouTube On Indian DTV TelevisionThe article originally reported by Economic Times shares that the move was revealed by Francisco Varela, Global Director of Platform Partnerships who is currently on his first trip to India. Though Varela has not revealed the names with whom the company is trying to form partnership but the tie-ups are going to be revealed in the near future.

This isn’t a surprising move considering India as the fastest growing market for YouTube. The video social network had recently crossed 55 million unique users a month in India. Rajan Anandan, Managing Director of Google India, while talking to HT shared that the platform has a library of 10,000 full-length Indian movies and 95% of India’s music catalogue in Hindi as well as regional languages with its web-only content growing at 300% year-on-year.

Still the growth hasn’t been a staggering one and the primary reason for this can be attributed to the country’s shabby infrastructure. While speaking to Business Standard in the past, Rajan did point to the same, “To watch video you need a 3G plan and we know there are lots of structural problems with 3G in India. If you ask me what are the things that can accelerate the digitization of India is really broadband. Broadband is the number one, number two and number three constraints that the internet ecosystem in India has today. The appetite for video consumption is unbelievable.”

So rather than bringing users from TV to YouTube, the company has gone the other way round. According to TRAI, there are 54 million DTH subscribers in the country as of end 2012. This will only spike the growth of YouTube and my belief is that the network will try to push original content like it did recently while celebrating the Comedy Week in the country.

The week long comedy journey from Sept 5 to Sept 12 brought all kinds of Indian comedy into one place – the YouTube India channel at Comedy Week. The channel witnessed 400 hours of best comedy content along with 35 new exclusive shows.

In the recent survey by Comscore, a market and opinion research firm, YouTube is the number one destination for Indians; the social networking video site has seen a 27% growth in consumption with more than 31 million viewers watching videos on YouTube. And actual numbers could be larger as these numbers do not reflect the mobile viewers.

All these only add up to the popularity of YouTube at a time when the company is trying to crack the Indian market in all possible ways. Not only is it pushing original content exclusive for YouTube when there are infrastructure limitations but it is also trying to form partnerships with dominant mediums like TV.  However, it remains to be seen who joins the partnership deal from the list of DTH providers in the country.

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