Google and Salesforce are interested in acquiring Twitter, Snapchat’s Snap Inc eyes augmented reality future

Global digital news - Google and Salesforce have expressed interest in buying the beleaguered social network to the tune of billions of dollars, Snap Inc.’s freshly unveiled video-recording glasses, Spectacles, are like a pair of bifocals for the future of the company, and more

5 hurdles facing the spread of programmatic advertising beyond digital: By the end of this year, two-thirds of digital display advertising will be bought programmatically, eMarketer estimates. But will other forms of media adopt the same principles of efficiency-based buying? TV, cinema and out of home are starting to catch up, but there are still a lot of challenges, as buyers and sellers at Advertising Week described.

Why Coach ditched its mobile app for iMessage: When Coach released its iOS app in 2014, apps were all the rage. A lot has changed in two years. “The app is no longer viable” said Dana Randall, Coach’s head of innovation, at an Advertising Week panel on Monday morning. “We weren’t getting the usage we needed to keep updating it.”

IBM Watson and The Weather Company Are Ready to Launch Their First Cognitive Ads: The Weather Company is getting ready to roll out its first ad campaign since being acquired by IBM earlier this year. But for the first brand, Campbell Soup Company, it’s featuring the supercomputer Watson as the chef.

HSBC taps into freshers fortnight with Snapchat geofilters across the UK: HSBC and We Are Social have launched a Snapchat geo-filter campaign targeting new students during freshers fortnight. A total of 14 different Snapchat geofilters will be activated across 170 universities from 26 September through to 9 October.

McDonald’s Is Creating 5,000 Pieces of Marketing Content This Year: CMO Deborah Wahl talked about the burger-slinger’s revamp this morning during the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s IAB Mixx Conference. Specifically, she called out some of the brand’s work on Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube as examples of the chain’s successful digital work.

How many videos top publishers post daily to Facebook, YouTube: Facebook’s video platform is out of the petri dish and approaching parity with YouTube’s dominant digital video service. Top cross-platform video publishers like BuzzFeed, NowThis and Tastemade are posting more videos a day to Facebook than to YouTube, according to an analysis of their respective main YouTube channels and Facebook counterparts.

Business Insider Testing a Reader Paywall, and an Ad-Blocking Response: Business Insider, according to co-founder and CEO Henry Blodget, has long harbored ambitions to create a dual-revenue business model, buoyed by both advertising and subscriptions.

Waze Is Now Offering Native-Style Ads That Put Users in the Driver’s Seat: Waze, a navigation app with 65 million monthly drivers worldwide, is introducing an intriguing ad product for Advertising Week, which is taking place in New York through Thursday.

Google (finally) launches cross-device retargeting: Soon advertisers will be able to reach users across devices with Google remarketing campaigns. This is a significant development, as Google has not previously supported cross-device retargeting.

With Spectacles, Snap Inc. eyes augmented reality future, raw reality present: Snap Inc.’s freshly unveiled video-recording glasses, Spectacles, are like a pair of bifocals for the future of the company that owns but is no longer limited to Snapchat. The face-cameras appear to bring into focus how Snap Inc. is preparing for the future while also trying to secure its present opportunity.

Samsung Touchable Ink: Samsung and Thailand Association of the Blind have worked with a chemistry professor at Thammasat University to develop Touchable Ink, a project in which laser printers are able to print braille-embossed documents. The Touchable Ink, still in its early days, involves a chemical process to adding embossing powder to the laser printing ink. Users just replace their ink cartridge with the Touchable Ink cartridge, change the selected document to braille font type, print out and heat it with normal household heating devices like microwave or hair dryer.

Western Sydney University Unlimited Graduates: Western Sydney University’s commercial featuring graduate Deng Thiak Adut, has won the Film Grand Prix and Music Grand Prix at the Spikes Asia Awards held in Singapore. From a child soldier in the Sudanese Civil war to becoming a leading member of the Sudanese community and refugee lawyer in the suburbs of Western Sydney, Deng Adut’s story is a phenomenal achievement of one man’s dedication to helping others less fortunate in the face of great adversity.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Lifeline: Qualcomm’s short film, Lifeline, has won the Entertainment Grand Prix at the Spikes Asia 2016 awards held in Singapore. The 30 minute Qualcomm Snapdragon Lifeline film is a product demo disguised as a psychological thriller. Kai, a young Chinese man who is the heir to a pharmaceutical fortune, wakes up in Shanghai one morning to discover that his true love, an American woman named Emma, has vanished without a trace. Confused and distraught Kai fears she has left him until he receives a mysterious package containing Emma’s phone.

Snapchat Wants to Help Register Users to Vote in November: Today until Oct. 7, the social media app will be running in-house public service announcement ads to promote voter registration. The ads, which feature celebrities including Jared Leto, Ciara, Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson, encourage U.S. adults to vote in their national, state and location elections. The initiative is a partnership with TurboVote, an online service focused on raising voter turnout.

Google and Salesforce are reportedly interested in acquiring Twitter: According to Recode, Google and Salesforce have expressed interest in buying the beleaguered social network to the tune of billions of dollars. And the deal’s moving fast — formal bids may be submitted in a matter of weeks.