Good Day Chunkies Spread A #ChunkieSurprise On Twitter

Good Day Chunkies by Britannia available only on Amazon, is spreading awareness on social media through a unique #ChunkieSurprise on Twitter

good day chunkies

Last November, Britannia Industries chose to e-launch its premium cookie ‘Good Day Chunkies’, in an exclusive association with Priced at Rs 100 for a 100 gm double pack of six cookies each, Good Day Chunkies is available at Amazon’s gourmet & specialty foods section with no delivery charges. A first-of-its-kind initiative by any FMCG player in the country, the biscuit maker has now launched its ad campaign with ace actress Deepika Padukone.

Conceptualised by McCann, the ad film is set abroad where Deepika is being hounded by the paparazzi. In an attempt to escape from them, she enters a local bakery where the baker asks her if she is an actress and offers her a ‘Chunkie’. She says it looks like a cookie, so why call it a chunkie, to which he asks her to have it and see the difference for herself.

Impressed, she asks him how it’s made to which he responds with the usual baking instructions but at the same time, expresses his sadness that no one will ever know the love he puts into making the chunkie. She reassures him of taking his crafted with love chunkie to the world.

#ChunkieSurprise takes on Twitter

How does one build awareness for a premium food product that is only available online? You rope in a popular actress for your promotional ad. How does one encourage sample trials of the premium product? You give away free samples to the discerning consumer and hope the magic works.

Along with roping in a popular actress in the ad film, the biscuit maker has chosen a rather targeted approach to create buzz on social media, in association with digital agency Jack in the Box Worldwide. Instead of running a contest, Good Day chose to give a #ChunkieSurprise to a targeted set of people on Twitter by sending them surprise packs of the Good Day Chunkies.

Surprises always invoke happiness and in this case, the twitterati who received a #ChunkieSurprise were more than delighted with the premium chocolate cookies and shared pictures of the product on social media, specially on Twitter.

Premium targeting

#ChunkieSurprise is presently taking on Twitter with targeted conversations using the hashtag. Along with product awareness, the free surprises are also generating buzz while spreading a taste of the ‘melt in the mouth’ chocolate cookies to a few lucky folks. For onlookers attracted by the buzz, the brand’s Twitter handle has a pinned tweet on how to get a pack of Good Day Chunkies for themselves with the Amazon product link.

Britannia has indeed taken a unique approach for its premium offering, first with the exclusive Amazon tie-up and now with this Chunkie surprises taking Twitter by storm. However, will the initiative pay off? “Online grocery shopping in India is still in its infancy. No person shops only for one product online and buys the rest offline,” believes Arvind Singhal, CMD of retail consultancy firm Technopak.

We would need to wait and watch till the numbers are out.