Goibibo Offers VIP Service For Its Customers

Goibibo, the travel company is offering VIP Service For It’s Customers if you book via the portal and using Facebook to give the social angle too.


We’ve always read that customer is king but the fact is that we rarely find it to be true. However, Goibibo.com one of the leading online travel sites in India, is trying to prove us wrong with its ongoing campaign – Goibibo VIP Service Campaign.

Founded in 2009, the company which boasts to be the fastest online travel website in India launched the campaign in the month of Sept, 2012 which is on till the end of November, 2012. According to the campaign, travelers who book on the portal enjoy a personalized treatment on their arrival along with a free ride to their destination.

So in other words, once you’re out of the airport you don’t need to queue or rush for a taxi. Goibibo will have special staff waiting for you with play cards in hand who would greet you with a smile, do a few clicks with you and then you are escorted to your special chauffeur driven ride to your destination. Now isn’t that a cool way of being received at the airport and making the rest of your journey smooth?

The social angle

With the ongoing offline campaign, the brand made sure it created the right buzz on social media too. The Facebook page that has more than 479K fans, is being regularly updated about the fun the customers are having. The Facebook albums are filled with a plethora of images from different destinations such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, etc. along with the smiling faces of the customers.


But surprisingly the brand that has a Pinterest account, has not pinned these lovely images on the network. May be the brand would think of doing it at a later stage.

However, there is no app for booking this service and you need to visit the website for availing the ongoing VIP service. Additionally, I would also recommend giving a look at the T&C.

Ending thoughts

Travel is itself social and has a wide scope to be more social for travel companies. The campaign being run by Goibibo is a fun way of telling that we care and bringing it on Facebook also gives that extra mileage to the entire campaign. I find this entire campaign really cool and I am sure that customers are loving it too. Will this bring in more bookings? May be.

Social media starts with your customers or community and not from Facebook or Twitter.