Godrej Security Solutions Brings ‘Spot The Thieves’ On Facebook

by Vinaya Naidu on July 28, 2022


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Awarded with the Superbrand and Powerbrand status, Godrej Security Solutions, the company with the most locks around ever since we’ve grown up is engaging with its fans on Facebook with a fun thief-busting game called ‘Spot the thieves’.

I came across a Facebook ad by Godrej Security Solutions inviting me to bust some thieves and was delighted to be led to an app directly. The game is apparently only for fans, so I liked the page to proceed with the game. After a little introduction about the notorious thieves on the prowl and a warning to use security solutions to bust them, I clicked ‘next’ to begin.

A cheerful, flash-animated screen opens up for you with a trio of mean-looking thieves, before coming to a halt. Then, as you can see in the screenshot, there are two buttons below ‘PLAY” - ‘How to play’ and ‘Invite your friends’. The buttons are self-explanatory so do go through the simple rules of the game before you click ‘play’. For every chor busted, you get 100 points but every time you hit an innocent shopper, you lose 10 points. All the chors, have to be busted within 45 seconds.

You may choose not to invite your friends but at the end of the level, you can always challenge your friends with your score. As the timer begins at 45 seconds in a busy shopping mall scenario, you got to be real fast in spotting any of the three thieves and clicking on them at once to bust them. The challenge is that these mean guys pop up anytime and at any place amongst the security systems, personnel and shoppers.

The good thing is that there is an option to play again and you can improve your score. I liked the fact that you can mute the background music, unlike the ‘Angry Devgn’ game in the Bol Bachchan Facebook page, where I had to mute my speakers to play in peace.

How cool is ‘Spot the thieves’?

As promised by the game, it is a ‘fun’ game alright. I liked the simplicity and appeal but most of all, I liked it for its sheer objective. The Facebook ad that got me aware of the game, led me directly to the app. The app got me to ‘like’ the page before I could play the game. Although the app does not play a major role in bringing about awareness for the brand, it does help in building fans.

The option to ‘share’ with your friends, invite your friends is good to have when you are running a Facebook campaign.

However, two things need to be clarified here: what is the incentive for a fan apart from fun? I didn’t see any prizes being announced. Also, as soon as you finish level 1, it says ‘level 2 – coming soon’. Shouldn’t the game be deployed when all the levels have been designed and tested?

In addition, I would prefer to see a Leaderboard with the top scores and names. Moreover, the theme of the game could be sharper - it would have been really impressive had the game been about the various security solutions provided by the brand and how fans can bust thieves with the help of these. This would have served for a fun-filled awareness drive for its products.

I think ‘Spot the thieves’ could do much better and am hoping ‘Level 2’ will take care of that. What do you think?

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