How Godrej Is Leveraging Social Media To Connect With Its Consumers Via Masterbrand 2.0

A look at social media initiatives in the Godrej Masterbrand 2.0 consumer connect initiative, that involves deeper fan engagement with the help of co-creation initiatives

Godrej zindagi muskurayegi

The Godrej Group is further strengthening its unified communication with the launch of Masterbrand 2.0 - a consumer connect initiative to provide innovative lifestyle solutions to new age consumers.

Comprising of Godrej sub-brands from FMCG, Gourmet Retail, Real Estate, Consumer Durables, Security Solutions and more, Masterbrand phase 2.0 will showcase a slew of innovative products for a brighter living, through the continued story of Sam and Meera, who made their debut in the Masterbrand campaign last year.

The new advertising campaign includes 8 commercials that feature Sam and Meera with a Godrej product that adds magic to their lives, through seamless product integration. Unlike the first phase of the campaign that also involved Aamir Khan - the brand’s group ambassador - this time the stories only revolve around the young urban couple. The central theme is still around ‘Zindagi Muskuraegi’ which has been weaved into each of the 8 commercials.

Conceptualized by JWT India, the commercials feature a new age bed enabled with electronic hydraulics, a video door phone allowing continuous surveillance of two entrances of home with storing capacity of upto 100 photographs, state of the art properties, effective mosquito repellent solutions to authentic street food experience at home.

In this ad film for the brand’s innovative mosquito repellent ‘Good Knight Fast Card’, Sam saves Meera’s Karva chaut mehendi before she would have ruined it shooing away mosquitoes. Sam is shown demonstrating the product and saving their day. The film’s message is – “Machhar #FattackSeFurr ho, toh zindagi hamesha muskhurayegi!”.

This film is for the Dual Video Door Phone from Godrej that lets you monitor the two entrances to your house simultaneously. Sam is seen giving usage instructions to Meera, who is then seen taking advantage of her new found security tool. The brand message includes a hashtag too – “You don’t have to do much to be #DoublySure about the safety of your loved ones”.

This one is for the Godrej Expert Hair Color with Aloe and milk proteins. Here Sam and Meera succeed in turning their hair dye –phobic friend young and dashing. The message here is – “Staying #ForeverYoung doesn’t get easier than this”.

In addition to the storytelling in the films, the idea behind each of the ad films is also being extended on to social media. Consumers are being engaged in conversations around the film’s hashtags starting with #FattackSeFurr.

The campaign has associated with professional singers from the Song Dew platform to make songs out of users’ tweets, which would then be played on radio and social media dedicating it to the contributor. The unique co-creation called ‘Tweet a tune’ has been spread through the brand’s social media properties in addition to promoted tweets.

godrej tweet a tune

Users on Twitter were asked what would they send #FattackSeFurr given a chance; in other words the brand has been trying to establish ‘FattackSeFurr’ with irritants other  than mosquitoes. The tweets have been converted into songs and now being shared with each of the contributors along with interesting visuals.

The campaign has also launched a unique addition this year called ‘Free G’ - India’s first non-web based mobile browsing experience. Anybody can give a missed call to 09980899808 and then receive the entire portfolio of Godrej offerings on their mobile free of cost. As per the company release, the Group is looking at Free G as a long term vision to reach out to 866 million consumers potentially.

Consumer engagement 2.0

While phase 1 of Masterbrand had invited viewers to predict what would happen next in the story of Sam, Meera and Sonia (played by Aamir Khan) and social media contests asking users to share about friends’ bloopers, this time the focus is strictly on deeper consumer engagement. Co-creation initiatives like ‘Tweet a Tune’ ensure memorable brand communication with consumers; who isn’t going to love hearing a song penned by them playing on the radio?!

The storytelling continues with the main protagonists - Sam and Meera, making it an interesting  piece of content to watch and share, rather than having a regular product TVC. Per Shireesh Joshi, Head - Strategic Marketing at Godrej Group, Sam and Meera will be having their own social presence too!

Extending conversations with the help of the hashtags created for each of the films brings a fun connect to the product and the plot. Moreover, it has been designed to reach out to consumers across all categories. Masterbrand 2.0 is building on the foundation set last year with interesting digital and mobile initiatives that are only getting better by the day.