Godrej Interio Engages Fans With A Patekedaar Diwali Contest On Facebook

Review of Godrej Interio Diwali Facebook contest 'Dhamaaka' where fans need to tag their friends who resemble a specific cracker; user with maximum tags wins


With the festival season of Diwali round the corner, brands did not want to miss out on the golden opportunity to bond with their fans. Ever since the beginning of November and the Diwali weekend, our timelines have been full of exciting contests and promotional festive offers by brands. One such fun contest that caught our eyes has to be the well-themed ‘Godrej Interio Dhamaaka’ contest on Facebook that involves tagging your friends on Facebook with fun nicknames!

One of India’s largest furniture brand that started off with the Storwel cupboard, Godrej Interio, has launched the Diwali contest in keeping with the theme of the festival of lights and crackers. A participant has to tag his/her friends who resemble a specific cracker. The user who tags maximum number of friends wins gifts from Godrej Interio.

Mera patakedaar yaar on Facebook

Hosted on a Facebook app, the Godrej Interio Dhamaaka contest needs you to like the page before you start. Once you are an official fan, you can click on the ‘start’ button to start tagging your friends and tell them what you really think of them.


With cracker nicknames like Rockstar Rocket, Sharaarti Chakri, Dosti-yaari Fuljhadi, Shor-wala Rassi Bomb and Rang-Biranga Anaar, you have a good number of choices to tag most of your friends on Facebook. Once you select a cracker, a new window will help you find the particular friend or friends to tag under that cracker nickname.

The friend will receive a notification, apart from what you choose to post on his/her wall. The message also urges your friend to tag you back.

Could it be better?

The concept is a cool one for a festival that is about friends, family and get-togethers. Weaving in the fun by nicknaming friends and family as crackers adds on to the fun. Moreover, the tagging feature on a platform like Facebook works well too, provided your friends don’t mind. It not only helps spread the brand message to the fans but is also good to reach out to the friends and extended networks of their fans. The like-gated app will help grow the fan base. Mera patakedaar yaar is a good fan engagement exercise by Godrej Interio.

The simple Facebook app has been designed well and is easy to use. However, it could have been designed a bit better with the inclusion of a leaderboard. How does one know who has tagged the most friends and how many more should I tag to beat them? Also, there is no information on the kind of prizes. The brand loses an opportunity to pull in more participants, by not pre-deciding what the prizes will be, and not providing a relevant motivation to a participant to tag her friends.

The brand is however making good use of the medium. After a successful season 1 of ‘Upload and Transform’ – the contest that can win you free transformations to your living room, bedroom or dining room, Godrej Interio ran season 2 with the help of Facebook some months back. One had to upload a picture of the space they wanted to transform and explain why they would like it to be transformed through a Facebook app.

With ‘Mera patakedaar yaar’, Godrej Interio has managed to blend the festivity with a cool Facebook campaign. What do you think?