#KeepItPersonal says Godrej Goldilocks in new hilarious digital campaign

#KeepItPersonal has nicely weaved in humour with content marketing, together creating a compelling need for Goldilocks, India's first personal locker by Godrej Security Solutions

There’s a new locker in town and it promises to be personal, convenient and super accessible. You don’t need to travel to access your bank locker, you don’t need to unlock your home safe too.  You can keep all your daily wear ornaments, wallets, credit cards, keys, chains, watches, mp3 players, iPods and any other everyday things of value inside it, and retrieve them any time you want. It’s the new ‘Goldilocks’, a personal locker from Godrej Security Solutions, designed for the new age consumer.

Goldilocks is equipped with a touch-panel access control for setting or re-configuring passwords, a smart sensor that triggers an alarm if someone tries to tamper with it, is ergonomically designed and can be carried along too. Launched in November 2015 at INR 6500, it looks like the locker you always wanted but never had.

In a bid to communicate the same, the security solutions brand along with JWT has recently launched ‘Keep it personal’. A set of three hilarious TVCs get you thinking about what you would keep in your own Goldilocks.

This lady’s life mission is to stay young forever, and she could go to any extent to be 30 always! The 40-second film takes us through several conversations in her life, where the clever lady bounces off questions regarding her real age with tact, and of course her very own Goldilocks in which she safeguards her passport.

This brother’s sister is a nightmare of a driver, and she loves taking his car along. Needless to say, it never returns in the state it was in the morning. What does the brother do: simple, keeps his car keys in his own Goldilocks!

An off-related topic but nevertheless an important one, given the times we live in. This TVC has the potential to offend women drivers, as it stereotypes ‘women’ as awful drivers. The makers of this ad should have had a sister hiding her car keys from her ‘bad driver’ brother, to be on the safe side. More and more brands are being targeted for rolling out sexist ads lately.

When Ola launched Ola Micro, its economy AC car rides at Rs 6/km, it launched a series of funny ads comparing how inexpensive the Ola Micro is. One of its ads mocked a date where the boyfriend is exasperated fulfilling the shopping demands of his girlfriend. “My girlfriend costs Rs 525 per km but Ola Micro costs just Rs 6 per km,” he says. Ola had to apologize and pull down the ad later. ReadOla Cabs Gets Into A Sexist Row“.

The third one (featured above) is the growing up son always on the lookout to lighten his dad’s wallet. The dad is smart, he is forever misplacing his wallet, when it’s been all the while in his own Goldilocks!

The campaign sees a hilarious extension on to social media, where the idea of #KeepItPersonal has been reflected in creative visuals, gifs and more. Godrej Goldilocks has its own dedicated Twitter handle where it’s been disbursing hilarious content and engaging with fun and witty visuals. In the beginning, a contest got people guessing about the new personal locker, later they were invited to answer questions on the ad films. Post boosting views of the ads, the social media account has been all about a bunch of quirky content, crafted with compelling reasons to buy a Goldilocks.

Reason enough to get one

Crazy talks inside a Goldilocks

The witty Eid visual

Why Bhai should get a Goldilocks!

Bappi Da is a personal locker in himself…still

Every conversation on social media is tied back to a dedicated microsite. Apart from housing all the ad films, the site gives you valuable information about the personal locker and quick online links to buy it from.

A personal locker for Gen Y

I’m a notorious misplacer of things, valuable as well as not-so-valuable. Petty robbers and roommates like the kinds of me, friends and family are apprehensive about lending me their favourite stuff. The Goldilocks is something that is designed just for me, and the campaign truly reflects the objective behind the design of such a product in the most quirky way. Advertising and marketing security solutions is otherwise an uninteresting affair!

#KeepItPersonal by Godrej Security Solutions brings forth the need for a personal locker without making even a slanting reference to petty thieves, opportunistic housemaids and helps. The woman hiding her passport, the brother hiding his car keys, the father hiding his wallet are lighter takes on personal security, enough to make an impact with Gen Y using humour as an effective tool.

Besides, a good amount of thought has gone into the conversations sparked on social media. The idea of #KeepItPersonal has been reflected in a bunch of witty visuals and gifs, while engagement has been brought about by contests with Goldilocks for grabs. Driving all the social buzz generated to the product website which in turn leads interested visitors to the online buying links, completes the online lead gen cycle for Goldilocks. #KeepItPersonal has nicely weaved in humour with content marketing, together creating a compelling need for a personal locker for the new age consumer.