Godrej Ezee Spreads #Ezeehugs For Its CSR Drive ‘Raahat Ek Abhiyaan’

Godrej Ezee has launched “Raahat Ek Abhiyaan" winter wear donation drive that equates donating your woolen wear to sharing warm hugs with the underprivileged


Winters can be mercilessly cruel, especially in the northern parts of the country. Many do not survive the harsh cold leading to a high mortality rate in the colder months of the year. Providing relief in this situation, liquid detergent brand, Godrej Ezee has launched the latest edition of its CSR initiative - “Raahat Ek Abhiyaan’ where the brand has equated donating your woolen wear to sharing warm hugs with the underprivileged.

Initiated in New Delhi NCR region, the Raahat 2013 initiative saw 21,000 pieces of winter wear being collected and re-distributed among the underprivileged children through its NGO partner, Aarohan. This year, it has partnered with Hindustan Times that will help spread the message through its media properties, donation centres and participating schools.

The initiative has also stated that the company will be washing the old woolens with the Ezze liquid detergent before they go out for donation. One can contribute by dropping in their old winter wear at the HT donation centres mentioned on the website.

Godrej Ezee’s “Raahat Ek Abhiyaan” has leveraged social and digital media, including print, radio and television to stir up viewer donations. The website provides information about the Raahat campaign as well as the core product Ezee.

The brand has also created a touching film on the warmth of a hug. The 2.4 minute video, accompanied by heartwarming music and lyrics, takes you through many situations where people have been comforted with a warm hug.

It ends with the message to donate old woolens to the nearly 20 million underprivileged kids, along with the site link and the hashtag #Ezeehugs.

Uploaded on November 30, the video has received over 4 lakh views on the Godrej YouTube channel. Apart from the film driving awareness on the initiative, the social media pages of Godrej Ezee are also spreading the word. The Godrej Ezee Facebook posts and Twitter feeds are sharing visuals of the #Ezeehugs film along with required links.

Easy hugs to a heartwarming winter

The campaign is a good connect as a CSR initiative. For a brand associated with woolen wear, Raahat Ek Abhiyaan is a strategic move for Godrej Ezee. Likening warm hugs to donating winter wear to someone in need is a strong communication message and together with the Ezeehugs film, it helps set the emotional stage for the donation drive.

However, the branding around the product name might be a slight deterrent for social media sharing. Although it might be directly linked to brand recall, the recall value might not be positive for #EzeeHugs; the new generation that is active on social media is wary of CSR campaigns and cannot be encouraged to contribute unless it moves them greatly. The coining of #EzeeHugs seems a little forced here, but it does fall in line for a CSR initiative tied up with brand building.